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My Boyfriend (18) wants Me (16) to move in with him

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    Re: My Boyfriend (1 wants Me (16) to move in with him

    Thank you for taking the time to post to us here at the National Runaway Safeline.
    It sounds like you are wanting to leave home and go and live with your boyfriend and his family. It also sounds like you too have thought a lot about your future together and really love each other. We know that you said that your parents do not want you there but do you think if you leave that they will call the police? We are not legal experts nor are we affiliated with the police so we can only speak generally about what could happen if a youth leaves home without the consent of a guardian. For anyone under the age of 18 the parents have the right to make a runaway report. Since it’s only considered a status offense and not a crime to run away, the only thing that would happen is that the police will pick up the youth and bring them back home. This is of course if they had any interaction with the police directly. If the youth is found to be living with anyone else the person that they are staying with could be charged with harboring a runaway, which is a misdemeanor offense. You can find out more about how runaway’s reports are carried out by contacting your local police department. We say this because depending on the police district, the police department, the police officer their response may differ. If you would like we could contact your local non-emergency number for you or with you. Just give us a call and one of our trained liners would be happy to assist you.
    We want you to know that we recognize that it takes a lot of courage to reach out. We are not going to tell you that you should or should not runaway. We are here to try to provide you with support and resources so that if you do decide to leave home, you are doing it intelligently and safely. We cannot tell you what to do because no one knows what’s best for you than you. You are the only one who can live your life.
    We hope this information helps. If you feel comfortable you can give us a call and one of our trained liners will be happy to talk to you more about what is going on. 1-800-RUNAWAY
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Guest started a topic My Boyfriend (18) wants Me (16) to move in with him

    My Boyfriend (18) wants Me (16) to move in with him

    Me and my boyfriend have been going
    Out for 1 year and some days..He's
    Graduating in May and He is going
    Into the Reserve and Going to
    Community college. He also is going
    To have a job this year or next year.
    He wants to have a child with me and
    Im okay with that...We have talkes about
    This and his family is going to support
    Us and be behind us. I will finish high school
    And go to college. He will be getting
    An apartment for us to live in and a car.
    I have problems at
    Home and it is all going down him. I
    Am not naive nor am I gullible, I just
    Want a better life and I believe
    I can have that with him. I just want to be
    Happy. My parents don't know but they already
    Dont want me here..But when I asked to move out
    They said no. I wanna be happy but I wanna do it right.
    Move or Stay?
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