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wanting to runaway with my boyfriend

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  • wanting to runaway with my boyfriend

    Well me and my boyfriend have been together for awhile now and i really do love him alot and my mom dont like him my moms boyfriend dont like him either and i hate it i have to lie and sometimes sneak out to see him not that long ago i snuck him into my house and he was staying for awhile well he told his mom he was stayin with a friend then his mom brung a cop to my house looking for him and then he went back home with his mom and then my mom told me i cant talk to him or see him and my moms boyfriend said he will call the cops if he comes to my house i told my mom that i love him but she dont care and i didnt listen to her i still talk to him bc i really do love him with all my heart and I thaught about running away bc i cant take my mom anymore sometimes i do love her but other times she makes me hate bieng here and i thaught about running away bc soemtimes she can treat me badly and i told my boyfriend that i was thinkin about running away and he said he is coming with if i do but idk wat to do i want to runaway but i dknt want my mom to catch me or come looking for me i just need help with wat i should do i love him and i want to be able to talk to him and see him and everything but my mom wont let that happen and i hate that she wont he makes me happy he treats me better then any other guy has and he is the first guy who has made me feel like im worth living i would have thaught my mom would just gove him a chance but no i need help should i run away woth my boyfriend or not idk anymore

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    Re: wanting to runaway with my boyfriend

    Thanks for reaching out to the National Runaway Safeline – we’re glad you found us. It takes a lot of strength to seek support and speak so openly about this tough situation you’re in. It’s clear you really care about your boyfriend and your mom, but the restrictions she’s put on you from seeing him are causing you to consider your options outside the home.

    Running away is a big decision, so it’s good that you’re thinking through the risks and are seeking support as you make your plan. It’s important to think through where you’d go, how you’d support yourself, how you’d continue your education, how you’d travel, and what you might do if the police were to find you. Running away isn’t a crime, it’s a status offense, meaning if the police found you, they’d simply bring you home (the exceptions being if you are on probation or if you are doing something illegal when they found you). You may also think about bringing a school counselor or family crisis worker into your conversation with your mom to mediate an arrangement where you can reach a compromise about you seeing your boyfriend. We have a database of resources that are low or no-cost which may be able to assist with this. We also offer a conference call service in which we act in this role which you can utilize at any time if you decide that is a good option for you. We are non-directive here at NRS, so we’ll never tell you what to do, but we would be happy to talk through your plan with you in further detail to make sure you feel confident in it and have a plan to stay safe. Please don’t hesitate to call us anytime, 24/7, at 1-800-RUNAWAY or reach out to us via our live chat service.

    Again, we’re glad you’re reaching out and are thinking this big decision through. We’re on your team, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. Stay stong!

    Best of luck,
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)


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