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Preganant but dont want to run again

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  • Preganant but dont want to run again

    Hi, im.pretty desperate from some insight regarding this subject. Im 16 and my boyfriend is tunring 16 in july me and my boyfriend met in school but did not get together until about 2 months later. He ran away from a grouphome before we were together but was on probabtion so he get a warrent out for his arrest and after a few months being together we decided it would be better if he turned himself in so.hes not on the run and his judge was mice enough to put placement in a 9-12 month program but i just found out im.pregnant and he was put about 5 hours from where i live, he said he is willing to awol again to be with me during my pregnancy but i want him to get his life together still so i would like to know if its possible that if he was doing good told his PO im pregnant and if he could be moved after about 8 months if his PO could talk to the judge and possible just get him moved to a grouphome closer to me so he can be there for the birth and support me and out child without running away again but if he does run away will the warrent and charges be dropped once he is 18? Will he have a new slate?

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    Thank you for reaching out to us! It sounds like you're going through a really difficult time, and it takes a truly strong person to ask for help during tough times. We are here to help you in any way that we can.

    It sounds stressful and upsetting that your boyfriend is so far away right now. It is very selfless and mature of you to want your boyfriend not to leave his program so that he can get his life on track. As far as your boyfriend getting moved to a group home closer to you, your boyfriend would probably have to be the one to explain the situation to his PO and ask if it is possible.

    We are not legal experts, and so we do not know if your boyfriend will have a "clean" record after he turns 18. If you would like to reach out to us at 1-800-786-2929, we can try to help you find some legal resources near you that can answer your questions.

    It must be scary to have to deal with all of this by yourself. Besides your boyfriend, do you have anyone that can help support you emotionally through your pregnancy like friends or relatives? It might help to reach out to these people, even if you aren't very close with them, so that you can have people to talk to throughout this journey.

    We are available 24/7 at 1-800-786-2929 if you want to talk about this more with us. We are here to listen and here to help. Best of luck with everything.

    The National Runaway Safeline
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
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