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Won't make it to 14.

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    Re: Won't make it to 14.


    Thank you for reaching out to us with your story and we commend you for taking the time to ask the right questions about what to do in this situation. It sounds like you are at a crossroad and the decision to stay or leave home is taking you some time to decide what is the right thing to do at this time. We are not here to judge you and we want to be there for you even if it means to simply provide a listening ear in this time of need. We imagine that this is a difficult time for you because of all the struggles you have had lately with all the tragedies surrounding you. We wondered if you should be so hard on yourself by saying that you are crazy because it sounds like you have gone through so much lately that it takes a strong person to maintain through it all and since we never judge you it is important to note that we are going to be here for you no matter what you choose to do. It shows strength of character that you were able to say what it was that you did not want to do with going down the path of taking your own life as it seems that you have tried to figure out another way out and that is a good sign. You seem determine to get to another place because we imagine that where you are is not the healthiest option. We are not in the position to tell you what to do or where to go but we can help with figuring out with you what your other options are at this time.

    We want you to know that we are extremely confidential and want to hear from you. No one is going to know that you called us because our phones do not have callers ID and we sometimes ask what city you are in only to know where we helped someone. The only time we are not confidential was if we were to file an abuse report on your behalf but this only happens if you were to offer us names, numbers and address of your abuser. We do not define the abuse but we are mandated to report abuse with protective services. However, if you only wanted to vent we are here to listen to that. Please know that we are confidential and that we are reachable at 1800RUNAWAY 24 hours a day.

    It sounds like you have a plan since you mentioned money, and where you are heading. Is there no other way to figure out what to do about what you going through? Have you spoken to a responsible adult about your situation? We are excited that you trusted us enough to write to us for some help and we believe that you have gone through so much, so we welcome your call to speak to any of our liners about your situation. We want to support you and offer you some help over the phone also. However, it is good to have someone to confide in and we are glad for you that you have someone to turn to when you need them. Just know that we are not able to track you and we only operate to remain anonymous. We cannot come for you because our place of operation is only in Chicago and we cannot send people for you. Do you have any other relatives to talk to or live with to get away for some time? You certainly deserve people you can trust in your corner. We are not going to get you into trouble because our priority is your first and your safety and trust is important to us. If you feel that the time has come to say goodbye to your friends, only you can know for sure that now is that time. We just want to support you to figure the best way to deal with the situation. It sounds like you are in need of someone to vent to and that is certainly a way to start to get some things off your chest. We want you to know that you are welcome to call us 24 hours a day and that we can be of service in whatever way you want us to be for you. Take this time to stay safe and stay strong. Good luck.


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    Guest started a topic Won't make it to 14.

    Won't make it to 14.

    Tonite or sometime this week I am leaving. I am going to a different state. I know this is crazy but I planned it out alright i ghuess. I am walking to this other state and I have the money a resources to do that. I just need A little help from you ghuys. But it's true. Everyone out there probably thinks I'm crazy. But I know that I am just determined. Determined to get away from all of this crap. Determined not to go to other resources [like suicide]. Which I also thought about but runningaway is way more logic. I only told one person about this and he is going to help me whenever I need him. I told him about you guys and he told me that your probably going to get my number or something and come find me. I don't know, all I know is tha I need to get away. I need to be with people who care about me and want me to be around. A place like Flordia, New York, Texas, or California. Somewhere far away where nobody knows me and I can start a whole new life. I just really want to call you guys but I'm afraid that you guys are going to get me in trouble by friending my location or if I tell you that you will contact the police. I love my friends. But I hate the enemies and they are like overpowering, I just need to get away. should I tell anymore of my friends good-bye or not? All I know is that I probably won't make it to fourteen if I go or if I stay. So I don't know what to do. Give leaving a try? Or Nott? I don't know but I know I'm going through huge problemss. My gpa dosent like me and abuses me. Most of my firends decieved me. My boyfriend cheated on me. My dad hates me and know that he's in town he wont even call or come over. <- when he use to all the time :[. And one of my best friends died. I just need to get away. I dont think I have a better alternative. I just need to get away.
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