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  • kickingout

    I have a 17 year old who's going on 30 she doesn't follow rules and won't help out. I had a fight with her last night over helping in the house, some chores. Like cleaning up after herself .She went off saying that she never here but she leaves her things all over the house she won't even pick up her room. Everyone here is sick of cleaning after her. All she says is how sick she of this house. She has two jobs and goes to school but she work by choice. [I take her to work and pick her up] I understand that she works but I don't need to pick up after her. I work to. We had a fight last night she said very hateful words to me [she wish me died, she hates me] her dad heard what she said to me he comes out. She is daring him to hit her. He didn't touch her but he told her to leave. So my question is at 17 is it legal for her to move out. Without the police bring her back. I have got to the point I don't want her here anymore. Nothing I do is good

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    Re: kickingout

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Sounds like the incident that happened the other night was pretty intense. Was this the first time she has reacted like this? Where is she currently?

    It really depends from county to county in the United States. Some police departments will say that since she's 17, they can't do anything because she's old enough to leave home. But the minute something happens (she commits a crime or she files a neglect report for the father asking her to leave) Childrens Protective Services (CPS) and the police are making you responsible. Confusing...we know, but that's how backwards the system is right now.

    However, since you essentially did "kick" her out, there is a chance you as the guardians can get into legal trouble. It very understandable as to why you wouldn't want her to come back home but legally, she has to be there. By the way, what county, city and state are you living? When will she be 18?

    We know there are tons of questions and all this must seem very confusing but we hope this helped a little. If you are willing and able, give us a toll-free call at 1800RUNAWAY 24hours a day so we can attempt to better serve you.

    Thank you again for contacting us at NRS. Best of luck.


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