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16 yr old runaway

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  • ccsmod5
    Re: 16 yr old runaway


    Glad you were able to find out more information on your own. The consequneces and their duration last as long as you and the judge agree to; 5 days, 10 days, etc.

    Make sure that you have paperwork for this entire process so you have documentation of the agreements.

    Best of luck and if you need more information, please don't hesitate to call us at 1800.RUNAWAY 24hrs a day.


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    Guest replied
    Re: 16 yr old runaway

    Thanks for the reply.

    Your weblink did not work for me but I searched at risk youth petition under the dshs website.

    It says that detention can be mandated if the child does not comply with the rules placed by the judge - does this mean if the child runs away and then comes back she can call to have him placed in detention for violating a rule?

    Also it states detention is for no more than 5 days - so does he go to detention, 5 days later comes out, violates another rule and goes back into detention again for 5 days? How long can such a cycle last?

    Thanks again


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    Re: 16 yr old runaway

    thank you so much for your post.
    It sounds like your friend has been going through what must feel like a nightmare to her.
    We're sorry to hear about the behavior problems she has experienced with her son.
    Since his behavior has resulted in some destruction of property and also having friends with bad behavior in her home around herself and younger children. We certainly understand her concern for safety. You mentioned she has filed runaway reports and the youth went to counseling. This seems to have been unsuccessful and has lead to your questions about other options. To our knowledge a parent cannot lock a minor out of the home. Since these are legal questions it may serve her best to inquire with the police dept about the laws concerning parent and minors rights. We are not in the position to be legal experts on these matters so for that reason we suggest contacting your local law inforcement.
    We can provide you with a piece of information concerning parental action for youth with behavioral problems.
    In Washington State through the Juvenile Court System a parent can file what is known as
    a "Youth At Risk Petition" (ARY). It is a court supervision order for youth who exhibit the behavior patterns of your friend's son. The petition can be filed through your county Juvenile Court. There would be an assessment of the family's situation in order to determine need of services. If you would like more information you may visit the designated website at
    You may also give our 24hr 1-800-Runaway hotline number to your friend should she like to talk with one of our liners direct. We would be more then willing to speak with your friend about her family situation and the Youth At Risk Petition. Her son is welcome to call us as well to discuss his situation.
    Please know how much we appreciate you taking the time to seek us out for information.
    Your support of your friend we hope is of great comfort to her during this difficult time.

    Take Care,

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    Guest started a topic 16 yr old runaway

    16 yr old runaway


    I am writing for some information for a friend. We live in Washington State.

    Her 16 yr old son is frequently running away from home. He will be gone for weeks at a time then return to eat/shower/sleep and then leave again. He has anger issues which have resulted in large holes in the wall and destruction of property. He takes drugs/alcohol/smokes almost every day. He has been in a drug detox facility and kicked out due to not adhering to the program.

    She is a single mom and has 3 other kids living at home (all under 10 yrs old) and she is worried about their safety with him around. He has brought people into her home that have caused financial damage to the place and who have exhibited bad actions that she fears will rub off on the little ones.

    He has tried counseling. She has reported him as a runaway before. He has been arrested before. She is at her wits ends. What can she do?

    1) Is she required to take him back in or leave the locks alone so he can come back in as he pleases?

    2) If so, can she have the police come get him if he comes home high or drunk?

    3) Can he be arrested if he threatens or lashes out - even if only the wall?

    Thanks for any replies
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