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Moving out a month before I'm 18

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    Hi I’m 17 and I turn 18 in 9 days I live in Tennessee I’m pregnant and my family likes to try and control my life and currently my pregnancy I’m not really even able to make my own choices about it and they make me feel ungrateful and stupid for voicing my opinions. I just want to know would the cops do anything with me only having a couple days till I’m 18 if I leave?


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      Thanks for reaching out to us, it sounds like you have good reason to want to leave. The treatment you've described from your family sounds stifling, excessively controlling, and judgmental. It makes sense if you're feeling angry, frustrated, sad, or depressed, and you have the right to pursue a place where you can feel happier and supported.

      Although technically police COULD return you home if your parents reported you as a runaway, realistically they probably would not. In most cases with 17-year-olds, police might look for you to check that you were safe (and potentially visit the place that you were staying if they learned where it was), they would most likely not return you home if you did not wish to.

      You have options and we are here to support you as you work through all of this. Please feel free to contact us again by forum, text chat ( or phone (1-800-786-2929). You don't have to go through this alone.

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    Hi I’m 17 years old and about to turn 18 in 1 month , I’ve been living in a home with my mom and my stepdad, they’re very both drunks and and abused me most of my life, I just wanna be somewhere safe and move out , so would they file me as a runaway for saving myself ?


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      Thanks for reaching out; we are glad that you did.
      It sounds like you have survived a lot from both of your parents being drunk and abusing you. You never deserved that. You have been brave and survived.
      We do not have a way to know the answer to your question, because in most states, parents do have the right/obligation to file a runaway report while you are a minor.
      We do our best work if we can have a conversation with people, and we can help check the safety of your plan. We hope that you will either chat us through this website, or call the hotline at 1-800-RUNAWAY, 24/7 so that we can support you, which you deserve.
      We truly hope to hear from you soon.

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    hi im 17 turning 18 in 9 days could i get in trouble if i leave before i turn 18 like could the cops do anything about it


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      (If you are in danger for any reason, please call the police or go to your local emergency room.)

      Hi there,
      Thanks so much for reaching out to us. We are here to listen and to help as much as we can.

      So technically if you left home before your 18th birthday, your parents could choose to file a runaway report with the police which means they'll find you and bring you home. You won't get in trouble with the police, but you'll have to face any consequences your parents might have. Additionally anyone you stay with over age 18 COULD be charged with harboring a runaway which is a criminal charge. This is uncommon and varies by state and situation, so it's worth it to check on this with your local non-emergency police. If you call the police within 24 hours of your arrival at your friend's house for example to let them know you're safe, this can help avoid charges.

      We can also help talk you through what it might look like to stay safe at home for the next 9 days so that when you do leave home you don't have to worry at all about runaway reports. We would be grateful to hear more about your story and give you more personalized guidance. The NRS is available 24/7 via online chat or by calling 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929). We hope to hear from you soon, good luck!
      -NRS Crisis Team
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