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    i hate my parents so much they treat me so unfairly compared to my siblings. they are insane. i can't have a phone and literally have to use my school computer to email my best friend to help escape them. i try and avoid tallking to them so their isn't conflict but my mom has a strict schedule that she forces us to participate with. my parents don't really abuse me idk they grab my hair sometimes and my arms and shove me alot during fights even when i tell them to stay away and don't go near me. and my mom has told me on multiple occasions to go find somewhere else to stay and i have a really good friend who always offers me a place at her house and when my mom finds out she takes it back and won't le tme leave but i want to i hate it here sm they literally make me wanna die i ********ing hate them. and my sister to she told my parents a bunch of false illegal stuff that i have never done just so they wouldn't let me get a phone. i didnt do anything to her i just wanted a phone finally. they always scream at me for nothing. last summer we took a vaction and my mom is so verbally abusive and so mean she always calls me fat, bipolar, and literally said if i found someone to addopt me she'd sign the papers and i want someone to adopt me i hate them. i try and be nice and my siblings are so mean and do horrible stuff and i get in trouble for nothing i cleaned a sink wrong and she grabbed me and took my flip phone for a month and made me go to my room and wouln't let me leave. our family eats dinner together every night and my dad made a new rule saying i can'y eat with them anymore and they won't cook for me they won't even celebrate my birthday they'll only celebate my twins. then someimes when my mom truies to be nice she said i could get clothes for my birthdya so i found midi shorts which i longer and she said theyre to tight and idress like a tramp and when i chose flowy shorts she said no because guys will see up tthem then my dad started scremaing and saying i get nothing for my birthday and my mom started saying i wear slutty clothes and dress like a whore but how they only let us where non-riipped loose jeans, no sweats or legging, no crop tops, no sleevless, no spaghetti straps, no cleavage, no t-shirts, and no words on our ********s. and i dot ever do anything i try and avoid them and conflict but it's bad here it doesnt even sound bad but it is i dont do anything wrong but i'm only 15 so idk what to do they know all the opeople i'd run away too or my siblings would tell them, i can't be emmancipated, i can't put myself up for adoption becuase idek if it's consifered abuse, i can't run away for more than two days withough being considered a runaway by the stae, and i can't wait 3 more years till i'm 18 i hate them so much
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    Hey there,
    It seems like you are truly going through so much right now. It does seem like you are going through abuse at the hands of your parents here and that is something that should never happen. It isn’t ok for them to call you names, be cut off from food, and get screamed at. It is understandable that you would try to avoid them and conflict in general and now feel like you need out. Isolating you from the family dinner and not celebrating your birthday may seem small to some, but the emotional impact has to hurt just as much as any physical pains. Nobody should feel that attacked at home. If you want to look into child abuse reporting and want more information you can look at for more information. If you end up deciding that is right for you we can help you make that report if you want.
    As for being potentially considered a runaway that is known as a status offence and is not a crime. Police won’t put you in jail for that, although they will try to bring you home. If you tell them you feel abused at home then the police could investigate as if you made a child abuse report before they bring you back home.
    It seems like you have been through so much. You might consider trying to talk to a counselor at school or see if they could help find you a therapist or something like that for you to talk with. Having someone there to listen to you and who will be on your side can make all the difference when going through so much.
    Again we are sorry that you have been through so much pain already. Hopefully you find this information useful, if you have more questions or just need someone to talk to please reach out to our hotline at 1-800-RUNAWAY.
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)


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