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Wanting to run away because of controlling parents, but stay in school and work

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  • Wanting to run away because of controlling parents, but stay in school and work

    I live in Fairbanks, AK. I am 16 and I am a junior. I don't have an abusive family. We are all very close. But they are over the top controlling. Everything I do is monitored. Everywhere I go, everything I do, everyone I know. I'm only allowed to see my boyfriend once a week because they don't like him. I go to therapy with my mom and have been for 2 years and she still won't relent. I have good grades, I don't do drugs, I'm well rounded, I don't hang with shady people. There is literally no reason for them to be so controlling. It's a problem I've been battling against for a long time, but anytime I bring it up with them to let me have more freedom or choices, then they tell me they can do whatever they want because they are the parents and I am the child. I want to leave, but I am afraid they will find me at school or at my job. Will they take me back home? If so, I'll just leave again. But then will the cops come and put me in Juvie? I am just afraid that if I run away, I will be forced back home and then I would be in deep ********. If I run away, I want to be able to stay away. If I go and just get returned back home, then there would be no point in it. So I was just wondering if I ran away and stayed in my town and they found me (which they definitely will it's a small town) will I be forced to return?

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    re: Wanting to run away because of controlling parents, but stay in school and work

    Hi there,

    You seem to be struggling with your parents giving you more freedom than you have now. It seems like they are pretty set on the rules that they have for you now and not really willing to compromise with you on those. That seems like it's been frustrating for you. We aren't legal experts here but in general if you leave home and are caught by the police there is a chance that they will make you go back. We can't really say what will happen if you run away more than once though. It sounds like you are already contemplating the consequences of you leaving. At this point, you may need to consider whether those are reasons enough for you to stay where you are until you're 18.

    Good luck,
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