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Turning 18 in 6 days. Can I move out tomorrow?

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  • Turning 18 in 6 days. Can I move out tomorrow?

    I have a lot of problems with my mom because she is a single parent and she believes everything I do is wrong. I am considering moving out to my boyfriends parents house (they offered me to stay there) as soon as I can. Because I feel that I am not in a healthy environment at my moms house. We fight too much and I can't live like that I often stay up at night because I can't sleep I have too many things to think about ( because she says my decisions are incorrect) i am currently enrolled in a community college and paying for my classes on my own. I have a part time job and always have gotten around on the bus. My boyfriend is concerned with me moving out because we don't want my mother to call me in as a runaway and then I am forced to go home although I turn 18 on Sep. 5th 2016. Which is SIX days away.

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    Turning 18 in 6 days. Can I move out tomorrow?

    Thanks for contacting the National Runaway Safeline.

    It sounds like you have been going through a form of stress and frustration living with your mother.
    We understand that sometimes situations can get out of control and it makes it uncomfortable to live under those conditions.
    It seems you have a dilemma about leaving home 6 days before your 18th birthday and possibly being considered a runaway.
    In some cases the police have been known to not pursue a runaway report when someone is so close to becoming the majority age.

    You might consider contacting the police as another option. By contacting the non-emergency number of your local police department you can inquire about their procedures in a situation where a minor is considering moving out of their parents home a few days before they reach the legal age.

    You are free to give us a call at 1-800-Runaway (786-2929) to talk more about your situation and explore options with one of our crisis service volunteers.
    NRS is also available to live chat at

    We applaud you for your hard work with continuing your education while working a part time job to pay for classes. Excellent, good for you.
    We look forward to speaking with you.

    Take Care,
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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      Can I leave even though my 18th birthday is in 14 days I’m so tired of getting treated like a bad kid when my parents pulled me out of high school and made me get a full time job, when my grandma moved In I lost my room and I now sleep in a chair in the office. I get yelled at for no reason when I’m not working I am stuck at home cleaning everybody else’s mess and other people’s rooms. I can’t have friends or anything else I’m not allowed outside i am stuck inside all day unless it is to go to work.


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        Thanks for reaching out to us. That seems like an incredibly frustrating situation to be in so it’s understandable that you want to consider your options. You shouldn’t be made to feel unwelcome at home and like a servant or yelled at like that.
        Legally speaking we aren’t experts but generally your parents have legal control/responsibility for you until you are fully 18. If you did leave your parents could still report you as a runaway and if police found you they would likely bring you home. When you turn 18 the runaway report would automatically turnover into a missing person report and the police would no longer try to bring you home if they were to find you. It is possible that the police may not enforce or look for a runaway who will turn 18 in two weeks but that is up to them or how hard your parents push them. If they happen to know where you would go they could try to send police directly there to pick you up.
        If you don’t have a plan for where to go it may be worth considering trying to find a Temporary Living Program in your area that specializes in helping at risk youth who need a bit of time and help transitioning into their own steady place. They could also help you get a diploma potentially.
        Nobody should feel oppressed and used at home the way you have described. If there are more questions you have or you just need someone to talk with feel free to reach out to our online chat, or call 1-800-RUNAWAY.

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      Hi so I’m considering leaving to go to my sisters house and I Tun 18 in 5 days,I live with my single mother who just thinks I’m the cause of all problems and always say “I can’t wait til you get your own sh*t and get the f*ck up out my house”and she saw my overnight bags and stuff packed and told me I’m not going anywhere not even when I turn 18 so if I leave right now could I be penalized,or if she does call the police and I’m out of state and I turn 18 before they could find me what could happen?


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        Hi there,

        Thank you for taking the time to write us here at NRS. It sounds like your mom has been making home incredibly stressful for you. You do not deserve to be talked down to or made to feel unwanted. The good news is that once you turn 18 you are considered a legal adult in most states with the legal freedom to choose where you live.

        It's understandable you would want to move out as soon as possible, but there can still be some risk with leaving as a minor. Until you turn 18, your mom can attempt to report you as a runaway to the police. Running away is not illegal but it is a status offense. This basically means that your mom can ask police for assistance with returning you home even if you are out of state. Your mom would either have to know where you are going or you would have to come into contact with law enforcement for this to happen. Because you are only a few days away from turning 18, it is unlikely that police would intervene at all in this situation. When you do turn 18, the runaway report would be expired and police would no longer attempt to return you home to your mother.

        We hope this information helps. If you would like to talk more about your situation in detail, please do not hesitate to reach out again. We are available for immediate support by phone at 1-800-786-2929 or through live chat at

        Stay safe and good luck,

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      hi. I live in INDIA. I want to move out of my home on the day i turn 18. can i call the cops if i fear my parents will harm me if i try to move out.i have been living in this wrecked hell for 17.3 years. they dont let me go out unless its for school. they dont let me call my friends and talk to them .they are forcing their religion onto me even though im an atheist. will the indian police give me a civil standby when im moving out?


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        Thank you for reaching out to us at the National Runaway Safeline. It sounds like you are in a difficult situation, and we understand it takes courage to reach out for help. The National Runaway Safeline is located in the United States of America (USA). Our knowledge of helpful community based resources and our understanding of youth in crisis related laws is limited to the USA. If you are located in a country outside of the USA, you can use this link to find a youth helpline in or around your country: https://www.childhelplineinternation...pline-network/.
        We hope that by reaching out to a local resource, you are able to get the support you need from an organization that understands the laws and circumstances that affect youth in your country.
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