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16 y.o, planning to move out with boyfriend at the age of 17.

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  • 16 y.o, planning to move out with boyfriend at the age of 17.

    So... my story is honestly just so much but I guess I can give a little bit of background. My "parents" are actually my aunt and uncle who have custody of me because of past neglect from my biological mother. After I moved in with my aunt and uncle, they act as my parents and I, also have nothing against it. It has been very different living here than with my biological mother, there's been a great increase in my grades etc.. I went from f's to a's but the thing is.. They're really so strict on me... My parents are forcing me to be perfect and be some kind of prodigy child. I can't even chose the college I want to go to and I have no privacy and freedom here. I feel as I am responsible for my age and I know that at my age, in the state of Washington where i live, it is legal for me to move out on my own. However, adding on to the story, I can't financially take care of myself... My parents are super strict and don't allow me to have a job.. Also, I am currently attending college early at the age of 16 thanks to the program running start and I wonder if that will affect anything? I am studying Comp Sci and with connections, I can get a job at Amazon while attending school and hopefully, provide for myself. Futhermore, I am dating a 22 year old. I looked up the age of consent and we are very confused whether we can live together or not once i'm the age of 17. I really never imagined myself coming to this point honestly.. Here's a bit of context about my boyfriend. He is finishing up his last year of college as a comp sci major, and he has a stable job and living. While attending school, he worked as a equipment manager for Verizon and got payed very well.. And he can provide for me financially but I don't know if that helps... And NO, I am not pregnant nor planning to get pregnant anytime soon. My boyfriend respects my decision and is willing to wait for me until I am at least the age of 18 but I don't plan to lose my virginity till the age of 20. We are both very responsible but I don't know if this can even back us up... Can you help me? Am I allowed to move in with my boyfriend who is 6 years older than me once I'm 17? I live in Washington state.

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    re: 16 y/o planning to move out with boyfriend

    Hey there,

    From what you shared, it seems that you are frustrated with how strict your parents are with you at home. You are considering moving out with your boyfriend once you turn 17. We aren't legal experts here, but there could be some issues with moving in with your boyfriend who is 6 years older than you. At 17 you are still considered a minor. So in order to live with someone else other than your legal guardians, you would most likely need to get permission from them to do that legally. Your family can file a runaway report for you if you leave without permission. So you could be made to go back home if they do that. If you have other legal questions, we recommend reaching out to a legal aid resource.

    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

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