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Emancipation in Minnesota

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  • ccsmod7
    Re: Emancipation in Minnesota

    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting us through our online forum. We’re sorry to hear that things are so difficult at home. You deserve to feel supported and cared for by your family. It must be frustrating to have gone through therapists and case managers, and your family still not being able to overcome some of the obstacles that you’ve described. It sounds like you’ve thought a lot about your options but are looking for more direction for what steps you can take. It’s good to hear that you have a friend who is willing to help as well.

    We’re not legal experts here, but we can speak generally about options. The easiest way to leave home is with your parent or guardian’s permission. We understand that might be challenging, maybe there’s a family member, a relative, or a family friend who could help to communicate how their actions are making your living with them unbearable. You can also look into emancipation options. In most states you need to be at least 16 to be considered and demonstrate that you can support yourself financially. Emancipation can be a lengthy process and may even cost some money for court fees. We would be happy to look into legal resources if that’s something you are considering.

    Best of luck,

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    Guest started a topic Emancipation in Minnesota

    Emancipation in Minnesota

    I am a 16 year old in Minnesota and I want to move out from my parents. Ever since I was in preschool we've had social workers and county workers in the house trying to help make things better at home, but it's not working. We've been through about 7 different in home workers, 4 therapists, and 4 case managers in the past 14 years or so. I'm in this tough position where my parents provide adaquet shelter, clothing, and food for me and they don't physically abuse me so in most scenarios I don't have enough of a case to move out. However my parents aren't very supportive and are really emotionally and mentally abusive towards me. They constantly belittle me and tell me I'm worthless and all these other things that ruin my self confidence and mental health conditions. They say the reason why they're like this is because I'm a bad kid, but I don't see how I am. I have a minimum wage job I work at every week at least 3 times a week, I put myself in a college readiness program, and I have a plan and place for where I'm going to go to college once I finish highschool. I've been looking for an apartment/ townhouse to rent and if neither one works I have a friend with an extra bedroom who I'm willing to pay rent to stay with. I just want to know if this is enough to make a valid case to get emancipated and if it is where/how to start filling out the paperwork.
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