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help i live with my dad and he's abusive. I want to leave

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  • ccsmod0
    Re: help i live with my dad and he's abusive. I want to leave

    Wow! It sounds like you have been through a lot, but we are glad that you feel comfortable contacting us. You had mention that your dad took the phone away, does that mean that you can’t use the phone or there is no phone in the house? It seems like you have managed to use the computer when you can. Have you contacted anyone else through email like your mom or sister and do they know how you have been treated by your dad? Do you think you would contact your local police or Child Protective Services (CPS) through the internet? They would to provide immediate action to your situation. Their focus is to keep you safe and it sounds like home is not feeling very safe to you.

    It sounds like you have tried to talk to your school counselor, but that wasn’t successful by your dad saying that you’re lying. No one likes to be called a liar or told that they are making up things when they are telling the truth. Have you talked to anyone else about what you have been going through (teacher, friend or neighbor)? Have you considered make calls from school to your mom, CPS or even calling the police? It is understandable that you would be scared, but you are a strong person to reach out for help! :P

    You talked about your dad leaving you alone for days, but where does he go? Why is he gone for multiple days? What do you do when he is gone? What options do you feel you have? It would be tough living with someone that doesn’t even talk to you when they are at home. How long does the silent treatment last? What happens when you do talk?

    We are sorry that you felt like the resources didn’t help you and felt like they just passed you on. What do you think we can do to best help you at this point?

    We are a completely confidential, non-judging crisis line. We can help by looking up local services for you, help with make calls to other agencies/services (conference calling or three-way calls), and we are someone to listen and support you during this difficult time. You can call us at 1800-RUNAWAY(786-2929) whenever you feel safe and ready. You could even call us from school or from any phone (even a payphone because we are toll-free ). We are here 24 hours and 7 days a week. We look forwarding in talking to you and want you to be safe!


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    Guest replied
    Re: help i live with my dad and he's abusive. I want to leave

    my dad just took the house phone away now so i have no way to contact anyone. Not even my sister anymore. I go to school and come home and thats my life an i am forbiden to talk to my mom and punished if i mention her name and rightnow i can use the only computer left in the house but i have to sneak cuz if he finds out then hell take it to. I tried to talk to my school counselor but my dad just lies and tells him im making sh** up {edited for language}. im NOT. hes the one lying. im scare if something happens i have no way to tell anyone now theres no phone and my dad leaves me for days alone and i am all by myself not like it freakin matters since he gives me the silent treatmnt anyways all the time. those numbers you gave me i tried to call and that was why he took the phone away they didnt help much anyways just passed me to someone else and someon else and someone els.

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  • ccsmod4
    Re: help i live with my dad and he's abusive. I want to leave

    thanks for posting we're sorry to here how unhappy you are about your living arrangement with your dad as we are not legal experts we are unable to tell you specific information concerning your custody issue. What do you know about how your mother is pursuing the possibility of regaining custody of you? Does she have a lawyer? Are there any restrictions legally that prevent your mom from visiting you or you visiting her? We understand your feelings about being restricted from any social activities and being made to feel you're in prison that must be dreadful. When your dad leaves you alone for such a long period of time is your mom aware of it? Would your mom be willing to file a petition for custody in family court because of his leaving you alone with no supervision? Has there been any cosideration to filing a child neglect report with CPS since your dad leaves you for such long periods of time?
    Have you done any research on what age a minor of divorce can decide he or she wants to live with the other parent? Something like this can be draining emotionally do you have a base of support a friend, teacher or relative you can talk with? Does school provide any since of relief? Since we do not know where you reside we cannot provide local referrals for legal information to you however we can give you some national referrals as options for help.

    Justice For Children
    Families Anonymous
    Child Help USA
    1-800-422-4453 (24Hrs)
    Covenant House
    1-800-999-9999 (24Hrs)

    we hope you continue to keep your spirits up and that a positive solution will be met to your situation at home we invite you to call our 1-800-Runaway 24Hr Hotline should you like to speak and explore more options with someone on our Crisis line.

    Take Care,

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    Guest started a topic help i live with my dad and he's abusive. I want to leave

    help i live with my dad and he's abusive. I want to leave

    Can someone plz help me or tell me if i have any rights to leave. I live with my dad now. I used to live with my mom until my dad took me and my sister. My sister said dad abused her and my mom tried to protect us but the court gave us to him instead. My sister still remembers being abused by him to but she doesnt live with us nemore cuz she is a adult and could move.
    I keep tellin my dad i want to go live with my mom. he says means stuff about my mom i know isnt true and he keeps me locked in this house like freakin 24/7 all i can do is go to schhool. Im 16 and he wont let me get my drivers lisense or get a job im not aloud to date and omg if i even talk to a guy im grounded for freaking life. Ive been grounded now for 2 years straight no cell phone no computer, cant go anywhere not even to hang with my friends. why-cuz i said i wanntad to go live with my mom. my dad threatns me that hes gonna call polic on my mom and have me thrown in juvie. Im 16 and should be able to leave and choose instead of being a psisoner in my house. I hate him he gives me the silent treatment for weeks and then goes off to work out of town for weeks and leaves me alone but im not supposed to tell neone and then he says im too immature to drive but yet leave me alone for like weeks while he's gone.
    do i have the right to leave and go live with my mom?
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