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16 year old in flordia wants to escape.

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  • ccsmod2
    Hello There,
    Thank you for reaching out to The National runaway Safeline on behalf of your friend. Wow it seems like your friend is dealing with a lot! Your friend does not deserve to be treated the way they are being treated. Abuse is never okay and should not be tolerated. It also seems like your friend may be dealing with neglect as well for being outside on very hot days and not being fed. One option your friend can consider is filing an abuse report, they can do this by calling Child Help at- 1800-422-4453. We know that sometimes filing an abuse report can be scary, if you would like our help you or your friend can call us or chat with us and we can help with the process. Also if your friend ever feels like they are in immediate danger they do have the right to call the police ASAP.
    You mentioned having your friend runaway to Illinois or having his grandma sign him off. We are not legal experts but we do have some knowledge about the laws. Because your friend is a minor if he were to leave without permission his legal guardian does have the right to file a runaway report. If the police were to find your friend they most likely would bring him home. But from what you are describing it sounds like it may not be a safe place for your friend and if the police also thought that they may mind alternative placement for your friend. If the grandma is not their legal guardian than she may not be able to do much if he left but it depends on a case by case basis. One option your friend could consider is calling the local police and asking what would happen if they left. Another option is to consider emancipation, to find out more about the process in Florida you can call the local court house.
    We hope this information will be helpful to you in your situation. If you have any other questions or would like to explore more options please give us a call. We are here 24/7 to listen and to provide support to you. Best of luck!

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    Guest started a topic 16 year old in flordia wants to escape.

    16 year old in flordia wants to escape.

    My very close friend 16 years of age in Flordia was beaten at a very young age. He was then given to his grandma. His grandma continues to abuse him. More verbally than physically, but it hurts him internally really bad. She has put him into a mental hospital even though there is nothing wrong with him, tells him she wishes his parents never had him, calls him fat, says he doesn't act his age, locks him out of the house on very hot days to do yard work and does not feed him or let him inside until he is done, and many more punishments, when she prays she tells Jesus that he needs to kill himself, and says god made many mistakes on this boy. His mom is becoming a better person, and I feel like she would sign him off to come to were I live(Illinois), but his dad and grandma would be the issue. If he lives with his grandma would she need to sign him off instead of his parents? because we know she wouldn't. She says she wants to get rid of him but then emotionally and physically locks him up. He really wants and needs to run away to Illinois. Can you please give ideas or help him with this issue? He needs to get away from her for his mental health.
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