Hi. I really need help. So me and my 2 friends went over to a boys house and there were 3 boys there. All of us are 17 years old. Well, me and one of the boys left to go to another room to have sex, like we've done before. And the other 4 stayed in the original room we were all hanging out in. Apparently while I was having sex one of the boys "stuck his penis a little bit into one of my friends vagina." She said she said stop and got angry and he stopped immediately. She said she felt no pain at all. The next day she went to have a rape kit done and she said the people there said they have to call the police and press charges. She told the police she was with two friends and gave them our first names and cell phone numbers. She said she isn't going to testify against the boy. So if she's not going to testify. Will the police call me still ? The problem for me is I have abusive parents. I need to know if the police will try to talk to them, because if so I can't let that happen. I need to get away from here. If they find out about what happened they will do really bad things to me. I'm having a panic attack. Where should I run away to? Please give me some clarity. I need help.