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My mom doesn’t want me to dorm far away but my dad is fine with it.

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  • ccsmod7
    It can be difficult to ask for help and we are glad you reached out to us today. It sounds like it is difficult to talk and live with your mom and you’re ready to leave home for school but do not know if you can. We are not legal experts and consequences for leaving home can differ from city to city.

    If you have additional legal questions we can provide legal resources or you can reach out to a non-emergency police number. In addition to being available by bulletin, we have a 24/7 hotline are always here to provide additional resources and support (1-800-786-2929.) From what we understand, if your mom is your sole legal guardian and the police are involved you could be brought home from your dad’s, especially if he does not have custody of you. It sounds like you are going through a difficult time but are looking in to what will be best for you and your future, which is very brave.

    You are note alone, and we are here to help you think through your next steps. Do not hesitate to call.

    Good Luck,

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  • My mom doesn’t want me to dorm far away but my dad is fine with it.

    So I’m currently 17 years old, I turn 18 on August 15 and live in California. My mom is in a religious cult and we constantly get into arguments and disagreements because of it. She forces me to go to church with her. My dad, however, is loose Catholic and we get along very well. However, my mother is the breadwinner and filed me as her dependent. She doesn’t want me to go to college far away even though it’s a good school and I got grants/scholarships because she thinks I’m going to hell. My dad wants to fight for me but he can’t because he doesn’t make as much money as her and she constantly disrespects him too.
    I already enrolled into the university without my mother’s blessing and we haven’t full talked over it but in regards to paying I’m willing to take out loans with my dad. My worry is that I want to attend a summer bridge and essentially I want to leave my mother’s house with my dad right after I graduate but I don’t know if she can call the police on me “missing” because I am still a minor when I graduate. Can she call the cops even though I am with my dad?
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