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  • Ranaway from home.

    I would need help with some legal issues i have. I'm 14, I ran away from home. I've been gone for about a week. And I lived with my dad. He Mentally abused me and Physically abused me. I have not been in trouble with the law at all, besides me running away. I'm scared to go home or els he will in-prison me and cut me off from the outside world, like family and friends. My dad threatens me if i leave the house he will call the cops on me and tell them I ran away. I contacted shelters, and they all need parent concent. I allowed them to call my dad and ask if I could stay in a shelter. But he rather have me on the street than in a safe place. I wasn't planning on running away at all. He left the house one day and i just wanted to go outside, he changed the locks so i couldn't get back into the house, but i did leave a note inside the house saying ill be back in a couple hours. He destroyed the note and he told the cops i left a note saying I'm never coming back. My ex and his mom found me that day and drove me away somewhere far (wasn't happy about it either..but they told me what happened). But now its been almost a week and My grandma doesn't want to get in-trouble for harboring a runaway, she knows what happened with my dad. I tried family counseling with my dad but it never helps, he puts up a front for the councilor and then when he's home he's back to where we started. I don't trust the cops since they don't really listen. And I'm scared to trust some of my family to. I don't want to get anyone in trouble. But sadly I got no proof that he abuses me. I was away from him for 2 months mostly, then when i came back with him ******** started to happen. I never wanted to run away or even planed to. I left wit basically nothing. Not a lot of my friends will let me stay at their home. Since they don't want to get in-trouble, and i understand that. I tried going to church's and shelters but they all couldn't hold me. I don't want to contact the cops or anyone that will have to contact them, because they most likely would put me back with my dad. Or in juvi, but i did hear juvi is full and stuff. But i truly don't want to go back with my dad. And my mom is trying to get some right of custody over me. But it doesn't look like its doing so well with that.. I'm scared of being on the streets. But im even more scared of going back with my dad. The authorities wont really let me speak up for myself, and i truthfully try. This whole system is messed up. So please give me some advice what to do. I cant call the cops or anything. I'm scared of my dad. SO please im begging you help me with this and fast because i don't think i can last for a long time i don't know were to sleep. And im trying my best to blend in. I live in California. Just to say so you get the laws right for all this. I tried so much i talked to a lot of people but now im lost.

    Thank you for listening,

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    Re: Ran away from home.

    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us. It sounds like you have been having an extremely difficult time which is understandable based on everything that you had been dealing with at home. It sounds like you have explored several different options and you have been hitting dead ends. We’re glad that you posted on our bulletin board, we are here to try to help if we can.

    You disclosed that you have experienced abuse at home by your dad, both mental and physical. You do not deserve to be abused in any way, by anyone and we are sorry to hear that you have had to experience this in your own home. You deserve to feel safe. You said that you do not have any proof of this which has got to be frustrating, but we want to let you know that you still have the right to make a report with Child Protective Services. The abuse is more likely to be “founded” with the more “proof” that you have, but any report made is still kept on record so it is just something to keep in mind. If you would like to explore this more, you can call Child Help USA at (800) 422 4453. Along with this, you could potentially report neglect as well. It is not legal to lock out a minor (someone under the age of 1 without providing a safe alternative place to stay.

    It sounds like your mom is trying to get full custody of you, but it is not happening quickly which is tough. It does seem like a little bit of a process for things like this to go through. You mentioned that your grandma knows what happened, but she does not want to get in trouble for harboring and you feel that your friends are coming from the same place. It sounds like you are pretty understanding of where they are coming from, and you’re just trying to find an alternative. Where have you been staying for the past week?

    If you would like to call us, we’re here 24/7 to help in any way that we can. Options can be pretty limited for minors without involving the police, consent from legal guardians, or Child Protective Services. We are here to help you navigate the best that we can, with whatever you decide you would like to do. We just want to help keep you safe.

    Hope to hear from you soon and wish you the best of luck,
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)
    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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