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  • ccsmod14
    Re: Uncertain

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you are trying to figure out a plan for yourself which is great to hear. We’re here to help you as much as we can.

    So it sounds like you and your mother have not been getting along well which has got to be really stressful. It sounds like your boyfriend offers you a lot of support, as well as his family which is good to hear. It is good to have some sort of support system close by when things are hard at home.

    We’re not legal experts, but generally speaking if you were to leave without consent from your legal guardian, she would have the right to make a runaway report. If a report is made, and the police find you, typically they would just bring you back home. However, every state/county is different. In some cases, for 17 year olds they may not take runaway reports. In others, they may take reports and not actively look for the youth or they may take a report, and actively look for you/bring you back home until you turn 18. Because what may happen is dependent on your local law enforcement, one option you have is to call your non-emergency line and ask hypothetical questions about how they would handle a 17 year old runaway. If this is something you would like assistance doing, you can call us at 1800runaway and we can make a call out with you or on your behalf.

    It sounds like you have a plan established for yourself, and you have a back-up plan as well. It sounds like you have put a lot of thought into your options; you have found a way to deal with not having your own transportation yet, and know that you will be close to your school. These are great things to have thought through. What would need to change at home to make you stay? We’re not here to tell you what to do, we’re just here to help keep you safe in whatever you decide.

    If you would like to talk further, explore more alternative options, need any specific resources, etc. please do not hesitate to call or chat with us. We’re here to help you as much as we can.

    Good luck and stay safe,

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  • Unregistered
    Guest started a topic Uncertain



    My mom and I have major communication issues. She doesn't listen whenever I speak and doesn't take me seriously because of my age. I don't take her seriously because of the choices she's made in her life and continues to make today, plus the fact that we are complete opposites and she is a major hypocrite. I just turned 17 a couple days ago. My boyfriend lives literally less than two miles down the road, and his family is more than welcome to let me move in with them. I have a steady job also less than half a mile from where I currently live, and I can walk there while I finish saving up enough money for a car. The high school is also in walking distance. I have everything planned out and have a backup plan in case this one falls through. I don't want to file for emancipation because it costs too much. I want to move in with my boyfriend and his family, against my mom's will. I just want to know that if my mom tries to bring me home but the cops know I have a job and are still going to school and are healthy, will they bring me home?
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