Before we start, I'd like to thank anyone who helps me answer this question of mine. I appreciate your time.

Alright, on to the real stuff. Here is the situation, at 16, I am trying to move out of my household in Wyoming. This is due for multiple reasons, one of the main reasons being that the city I am moving to, also in Wyoming, is the home to the university I will be attending when I graduate at 17 years old. I am planning on rooming with one of my friends, who is currently eighteen years old and we both have a stable source of income/a place to live. My question is, is it possible for me to move out without my parent's consent. If not possible without the parent's consent, is it possible for me to be emancipated in Wyoming at the age of 16? If both require parental consent at this age, what sort of process would I have to go through? Thank you.