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  • confused

    well im 16 and i live with a single mom. and about 2 months ago i made the biggest mistake of my life. i had sex with a boy that id only know for about a week and a half. i was extremely mad at my boyfriend but he was my ex at the time. and i just did it with this other guy. and we decided to keep it a secret from everyone. but yesterdeay he went to were my mom works and bragged about it to her. and now she hates me. idk what to do. i wanna run away. i wanna make everything go away. im so scared im goin to make everyone hate me or dissapointed in me. i need help. what do i do?

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    Re: confused

    Thank you for contacting the National Runaway Switchboard. It sounds like you are in a really tough situation right now and, from what you wrote, it seems like you are worried that your mom hates you and is disappointed in you. It can be lonely and sad to feel as though your family is mad at you, especially at a time when you most need their support and unconditional love. Understandably, running away might seem like a good way to get away from it all and escape the situation. But, do you think that running away would help your situation? If you did leave home, how do you think your mom would react? Plus, what do you think it would be like for you to runaway? Do you think running away is safe? How will you survive outside of your home? Are there people you can count on to help you? Do you think you have any other options besides running away? I know that these are a lot of questions and some of them might be difficult to answer, but thinking about these issues might help you with your decision. If you’d like to talk about what running away might be like, how you could stay safe if you do choose to leave home, and/or other possible options to running away you, you can always call us at 1-800-RUNAWAY. We are non-judgemental, confidential, and anonymous. There is someone here 24/7 to help!

    If you would like, we can talk about other issues besides running away. In your post, you said that having sex with that boy was the biggest mistake of your life. Deciding whether or not to have sex with someone can be a hard one to navigate and it sounds like you feel as though you made the wrong decision. How have you been dealing with this feeling? It is completely your decision whether or not you choose to engage in sexual activity and we are certainly not here to tell you what to do. But, we can talk with you about how you want to go about making that decision and what you can do once you decide whether or not you would like to have sex with someone. For example, you and your partner might want to talk about your sexual history and what your expectations are for your current relationship before having sex. You also might want to talk with your partner about how you can protect yourself from STIs or pregnancy. If you are interested in learning more about safe sex, you can all Planned Parenthood at 1-800-230-7526. Once you call this number, you will be directly routed to the Planned Parenthood clinic nearest you. Planned Parenthood’s website,, has more detailed information on the services they offer. You might also find the website interesting. This website has lots of answers to questions submitted by teens and covers topics ranging from STIs, pregnancy, teen parenting, birth control, and love/relationships.

    We hope that we have been able to help. While we can’t tell you what to do, we are here at 1-800-RUNAWAY to talk with you about what you would like to do and help you work out a plan that you feel comfortable with.

    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

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