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Concerned with the legality of running away at 16

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  • Concerned with the legality of running away at 16

    Me and my girlfriend have been considering running away from our homes together. Both of us do well in school and are considered to be extremely intelligent. We've weighed the pros and cons of running away, and have been doing a lot of research. Our goal is to just get away from all of it, we just want to start our lives now. I guess we are kind of impatient, but we think it'd be a good experience to start off in the world now. We know that a runaway report would be filed, but we hope that that if we went to the right place and laid low for awhile, we'd go undetected. We don't want to be caught and put into a shelter, or taken back home. That would ruin the whole point, as we just want the freedom. We believe that we have the resources to live independently. We would try to find work where we went to support ourselves without digging too much into our reserves.

    1.) We understand that it's not illegal to runaway, but as a runaway, is it still illegal to not go to school? We are both still enrolled, and our parents would not drop us out if we asked. We've explored the idea of taking online classes as runaways in order to still receive our diplomas.

    2.) At what point would they call off the search for the two of us? Once again, we really don't want to be caught, as this would lead to us being put in a shelter or brought home.

    3.) What problems would arise when looking for work? We'd have our social security numbers and whatnot, but would they check our records and see that we're runaways? Would they alert authorities?

    4.) Would there be any repercussions once we are adults? Would we be able to come out of hiding without worry once we're 18?

    In summary: We want the freedom of being independent, and making our own choices. We both feel that our parents limit us, but we want to get out into the world now, all while not risking having that freedom being taken away. This means we would do everything we do lawfully, and avoid being found by search parties. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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