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    My parents kicked me out 2 years ago and disowned me saying to never come back, and i have a payee for social security payments, is it possible they can become my guardian? im 17


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      Hi there,

      Thanks for reaching out to NRS. We hope this general information will be helpful to you. The process for becoming a guardian would initially fall in the hands of your payee. They would need to contact either the courthouse or legal aide entity in your county. From there, there may be a series of steps and paperwork for them and you to follow. Becoming a guardian to someone can be a lengthy process but, depending on your state, and your current age, may be doable.

      To get more details about what entity to contact in your state specifically concerning this legal issue, you can reach out to us on our 24 hour hotline (1-800-RUNAWAY) or through our Live Chat (

      Best of luck.

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    Hi so my child is 15 and just had a baby. I n 2020 she began began running away from home to find out only because she wanted to be around her boyfriend and other friends but mainly boys. She was not harmed or abused in my home. She even left a note saying she feel bad for putting me three trouble and not to call her boyfriend cause its not his fault DCS got invovled read the letter investigated more and found to believe she was not in danger and made her come home. When she ran away she found a new boyfriend and began staying with him and his mom she was 14 he was 16 going on 17. Anywho, So the boys mom Harbored her as a runaway meanig she did not contact law inforcement or try and reach out to me thats harboring a runaway. She later got involved with my daughter granmda on her father side me and the grandma had been trying to find her but granndmother is Toxic and had actually done something like this before in another case from 2015. My kids were in the dcs system and dcs mistakenly grandmother my daughter thinking she had full custody of her because of a guardianship she had over the estate from a car accident in2015. The grandmother gave them the document they didnt read it correctly not understanding that she did not have custody of my child only over the money from a car accident that had terminated in an Indianapolis court in2018 which is still on record. After that the funds were put in a private account until she wa 18 years old. This brings me to why Im here now. But in 2017 the grandmother decided to be slick and try and take my daughter across borders to ohio. I hired an attorney and they told .me that was kidnap and no rights to take her across border so thats when I got the guardianship terminated and had to drive to Kentucky to retrieve my child after 2 years. So whenshe was away in 2020 the boys mom finally got ahold of the grandmother and she told her she had custody of my daughter, (I couldnt believe it) before that me and grandma were trying to find her but when she found out she was staying at the boydmom house she kept it from me and acted for 4 months straight as if she didnt know where she was. I found out about the boys mom and contacted her and told her the whole story she was shocked, she tryed to return my child and told her grandmother, but grandma was now scared cause she new she was caught up in a lie, so she called the boys mom and stared cursing her out as if she didnt no was there and the boy mom was confused so she ran and got my daughter and granma brought her home, I know all of this because I was also told the whole story by my daughter, she told everything plus I found out info on my own. But she ran away again before we moved out in 2020.

    Now after moving into a new house, my daughter decided she wanted to come home again, she called crying wanting to come home, I picked her up. She didnt know we had moved i only had a few things in the house so she ran again to now both the boys mom and granmda going back and fourth a few days later. This was in Aug 2022. After her birthday passed in sept. She came to stay. I took care of her while pregnant and even after baby was born she didnt want to be invovled with anyone again but me.

    So in April 2022 she ran again, smh....she got mad because i yelled at her didnt even take her phone. I yelled her because I told her go to laundry mat and wash clothes around 6 or 7pm.I was only 2 bags ok? she does this for me quite often and doesnt take that long. So anywyas, my youngest daughter came and told me the boy came over after I told her no he cannot it was getting to late she decided too when i went to sleep let him come. She was suppose to be washing clothes but instead she was behind my apt poolhouse at pitch black with her babyfater, I only yelled a bit not even real loud told her get upstairs and not to come back down. She then after that texted telling me I threathed to harm the baby and I pushed her down the steps. Now she had jus had the baby and at that a c section, Ive had 3 and dont heal quick from those if i had pused her down these wooded steps shed been hurt, but so she ranaway that night and this havent returned since. That was April 2022.

    Again i didnt no where she was and finally address to her grandmas house and that's where she was. She never returned her home, called me, just blantly said she was keeping her and baby. So I got the cops over there crazy thig they did not give them to be because of that same false document stating she had guardianship they didnt read it and i didnt have my MYCASE.GOV documents at the time. That was first time Id had seen my child face in 3 months. So in june 2022, I went back again with my papers stating i had full custody of my child and police knocked on door but grandmother hid in the house. The police even said I know shes in there but I cant just go in, I told theem for moths to geta warrant and they never did, I was outside her house long before police came I even seen her come out side, grandmas boyfriend then argued with the police denying to give her to me and not cooperate So now I start calling them and texting them both because she was going from her babydads house back to grandmas house off an on. The both started to hide my daughter from me. but I have pictures evidence of when I seen them bother her boyfriends mom and grandma with my granddaughter and my daughter. I also have threats from the boyfrineds mom of her telling she gone beat my (AS$) if I call her phone again and to run and tell the police that, her words exactly, and threats/hate speech from grandma, I told them one more time to return my daughter or im pressing charges for custodial interference, harboring a runaway, kidnap, and I want a protecetive order agaisnt both of them to stay away from my children and grandchild. I have not done that yet. I told them all this before i new she made a new court case in 2022 which youll see about below but first.....I did get involved with the NCMEC and they made a poster, but they help after that,. but they did inform me my dectevive which only spoke to me once this entire time that he closed the case out after finding out the kids were living with grandma which makes (NO) since at all to me or the NCMEC they were shocked why he would close case and not return them home. Somethings fishy about that to me and them, Its now july 30th 2022 and i just looked on (MYCASE) and see now her grandmother is trying to get custody and release money of the funds I told you were in a private acoount until shes 18. DCS got involved again in the 2022 case looked at my house and comfirmed they see no signs of neglect to her or baby from me and that my house was up to standards for them to live here safley.


    Can she get custody of my daughter an grandchild?

    Can she go into my daughters account that is a private account and been locked up from her?

    For under any circumstances, why do you think the judge would grant her any of this if they do?

    Does she have the right to hold my daughter just because she ran away?

    What is something I can do?

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      Hi, it sounds like you have been going through a lot with your child and her grandmother. It sounds like you have done the right things by going to the police and to NCMEC. You can try calling them again, but it sounds like you need legal help.
      We are not legal experts and can't answer your questions because of that. If you can't afford to hire an attorney, perhaps by googling your city name and the search term "Legal aid" you may be able to locate one at a free or reduced cost.
      We are sorry that we can't help further, and we wish you the best of luck with all of this.
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