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    hello , I will be 17 in 5 months . I live alone with my single mom her dad and my two sibling which are younger then me . when I was 14 years old my mom decided to have another baby . since then I have babysat her and let her completely take over my entire life . for example , I do everything according to my sisters needs and can’t do anything about it because I am scared of my mom . recently things have gotten really bad . my mom comes home from work and instantly yells and is angry at me , she yells at me for having no friends , and never going out , but when I do she yells at me for going out to much . I get paid to babysit my sister , because my grandpa thinks it is fair but my mom tried to control my money and when I did have a job she would constantly complain and yell at me for spending it . I am homeschooled now , and watch my sister all day and clean . When she gets home she constantly yells at me and my sister and says I am the reason she is bad . therefore I basically watch her all day until she goes to bed . I have been paying for everything I need in life since I had my own money . She hasn’t needed to buy me clothes , makeup , toiletries or anything . She takes all her anger out on me and will call me mean names , like “whore “ “ slut “ she’ll call me a loser and say I don’t ever do anything around the house . she chooses mt brother and sister over me constantly and I sometimes feel like it would be better if I wasn’t even alive . I just want to know if I could legally move out at 16 if I can get a job and live with my boyfriend ? i could possibly wait till I’m 18 but I just can’t . I’m tired of feeling neglected and exhausted every day .


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      Hey there,

      Thanks for reaching out, it can be really hard to ask for help. You are strong to be looking for options. You don’t deserve to be yelled at or called names. It’s not ok for your mom to be treating you this way. It sounds like you have a lot of responsibility!

      Again, we are really glad you reached out. You are so brave to keep fighting for yourself. The way your mom is treating you, it’s understandable you feel like you are ready to give up. We see you fighting and are so proud! If you ever feel like it is too much to handle you can reach out to us (1800-run-away) or the National Suicide prevention lifeline (800-273-8255).

      You mentioned you want to live with your boyfriend. It’s great you have someone so supportive and willing to help. Some things to talk about before you move in is to make sure everyone is on the same page with how long you can live there, if you will need a job, or to pay rent. If you want to talk about these things in more depth you can call or chat with us (1-800-273-8255;

      It is possible you can move out at 16. You can look into emancipation in your state. They usually require you to have someplace to live and are self-sufficient financially. We can help you look up the requirements in your area. Another option is an alternative living situation. This requires you to get permission from your parents. It can be in writing, or some places have paperwork to fill out at your local police station. This way you can legally live somewhere other than with your legal guardians.

      If you want to talk about any of these options in more depth we are here 24/7! Here to listen here to help.

      Good Luck!
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