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Im 16 and want to move out and live with my boyfriend but my parents are super strict

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    hey I’m 17 and I want to move with my boyfriend who is about to be 19, my parents moved states a couple of months ago and I stayed living with my sister. But after the 2 months I’ve been here they said they no longer wanted me here and are sending me to my parents. I don’t want to leave I truly see myself marrying my boyfriend we’ve been dating for over a year now and next year I’ll be 18 I want to move in with him but my parents don’t understand they’re forcing me to leave what can I do or what do you think I should do ..


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      Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like you’re in a stressful situation. It must be very frustrating to have your parents change their mind about having you stay there. Unfortunately, your parents do have the right to ask you to return home until you are 18. One option to consider is having a conversation with your parents about why you want to stay. If you need help having that conversation, you’re welcome to give us a call as we offer conflict mediation here. Our number is 1-800-786-2929 and we’re here 27/4. We hope to hear from you.

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    Hi, I'm in a similar situation. I am 16 and my boyfriend is 19 and I recently moved in with him. I was living with my mom before but my father has full physical custody of me. He lives about 200 miles away and doesn't even know what's going on in my life, yet he still called the cops on me (While he was 200 miles away) and told the police officer to take me home. My father sent me to my mothers before I lived with my boyfriend because I had an attitude problem. What do I do? How can I get emancipated? Where do I go to get the paperwork? Can I go to the courthouse? Can he legally do anything he wants when he isn't even taking care of me?


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      It seems like you are looking for some answers to your questions about moving out when your 16 to live with your current boyfriend. Unfortunately, here at the NRS we cannot tell you in definite terms what would happen if you were to leave home without permission because we are not legal experts. Laws on that specific subject vary from state to state, so our advice would be call your local non-emergency police number to get more information on that. Since you are below the legal age of majority (18 in most states), what generally happens; your parents or legal guardian would be able to make a runaway report in the event that you do run away. Since it’s only considered a statues offense the only thing that would happen is that the police will pick you up and bring you back home.

      Your parents may give you permission to live with another family (i.e your current boyfriend), but without getting an official document from the court they would still be legally responsible for you. Which means that they can also take away that permission at any given moment and take you back home to live with them once again while 16 years old. If you were to leave home and live with your current boyfriend, think about what your parent’s might do in that situation. Either give you permission or file a runaway report. Another thing to think about is how long do you think that you would be able to stay with your current boyfriend and his family? Have you thought about some situations where you might be faced with having to leave (i.e break-up, parents decided that can’t support you, have a fight, etc.)?

      If you give us a call on our 24/7 hotline at 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) we could help you find resources in your area and could potentially help you brainstorm a possible solution to the issues you are having. We also have an online chat service available every night from 4:30-11:30PM CST that is available through our website (
      Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

      National Runaway Safeline (Crisis Email)
      1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

      Tell us what you think about your experience!


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        Hi ! I’m 16 years old and ive been wanting to live with my boyfriend, why ? Because my mom has even said it before “ since You’re always with him might as well move in with him” . I had asked her why was she saying that , she had told me that it was out of anger but I’ve been thinking I actually do want to move in with him . I asked her again about it and I told her I wanted to move in she was fine with it and told me that she wanted to talk to his parents . My mother isn’t strict but actually an out going mom who just cares . I have been planning on what I’m going to do if I do get to move in with my bf like for example I work near where he stays at , I also have to walk to school and it’s not far from his place but I know if I move in I need to help around the house to show that I actually wanted to be there and not seem like I’m a lazy person but what’s holding me back from wanting to move in is that my aunts and uncles from my moms side won’t agree with it and will get mad at my mom but mostly at me because I’m still young but me and my mom stay at the same apt my boyfriend stays in but the things is that we are moving in twos days and I got so used to being in these apt that I’m not ready to move from them .


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          Thank you for reaching out us here at NRS. We know it can be a difficult and stressful situation you find yourself in. What’s more is that we hope to provide you with tips and resources to help you make a more informed decision on your situation.
          Though we are not legal experts from what we gather about your story is that you because you are 16 you are still considered a minor and that gives your parents the right to call the police and file a runaway report. This in turn allows the police to pick you up if they or your parents know where you are. In terms of the people housing you it is possible they might face charges of Harboring a Minor and those consequences differ in every state. Keep in mind that is ONLY your mom who can do that no one else. If she has full custody of you, you are in your rights to do as she gives permission. In addition to possibly finding a way to move with your boyfriend, a viable way is to ask your mom. If she really is okay with you living elsewhere then what you can do is call the police for documents so that she can sign that she is letting you live with other people so that all becomes legal and you don’t have to be worried about anything.
          Again we want to commend you on your bravery for reaching out to us and seeking help. We know that it takes a lot in order to do that. We hope that we have helped you in a way that positions you to make the best choice for yourself. Of for any reason you have more concerns or questions please do not hesitate to call us at (1-800-786-2929) or online through our chat option at (
          Best Wishes - NRS

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        So I’m not actually the one doing the running away here, but I’m 17m and my girlfriend 16f wants to move in with me. We live in Ohio, and I understand there’s some tricky laws regarding emancipation here, which is what we originally planned on. I’m graduating high school this year, and plan to start renting an apartment or house or something with my a couple of friends (that are legally adults). By the time she would be moving in with me, we’d both be 17. I just want to make sure that she’d be able to move in with me without creating legal trouble. To my understanding, Me or my friends could be charged with Harboring a minor, but charges could be dropped if we could prove that it was for her health and safety. But what happens after that? Would she be able to keep living with me or would she have to go back home, or what? To be fair, there is legitimate reason for her to move out. Her mother is awful, bordering mental abuse, and when she’s home she’s constantly sick, making me think there’s black mold or something in the house. I know you guys don’t really tell people what they should or shouldn’t do, but what are my legal options, with the goal in mind of the two of us living together?


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          Hi there, thanks for contacting National Runaway Safeline. It seems like your girlfriend is dealing with a difficult situation here. Here at NRS, we are not legal experts and only aware of potential legal risks base on resources we use. At a17, your girlfriend is still considered a minor in Ohio. Because of this, living with adults will put the adults at risk of being charged with harboring a minor, only if a runaway report has been filed and your girlfriend’s parent chooses pursue this charge. It is not something that happens immediately once pursued. If there is abuse going on in the home, your girlfriend does have the option to report that abuse. Feel free to give us a call at 1800-RUNAWAY, if you would like to discuss what that might look like further. If your girlfriend reports abuse, however, and decides to leave, sometimes if the youth has a place to stay the likelihood of being put in foster care, for example, is not very likely. Especially since she is 17. Again, we are not legal experts and it may be best to contact legal services or hotlines. We also can provide some resources for legal information regarding filing abuse or considering filing abuse if you’d like to give us a call. Hopefully this information was beneficial. As always, we’re here to assist so feel free to give us a call at our 24/7 hotline or chat with us live by visiting

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        Hey I am a 16 who’s is pregnant with my 16 year old boyfriend and I would like to move in with him but my dad doesn’t let me he says until I’m 18 but we really wanna move In together to raise our baby girl together what is the best thing I should do?


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          Hey there,

          Thanks so much for contacting us, it takes a lot of courage to reach out and share your story. It must be really hard to live in a home with so much tension. It’s great to hear that you care so much about your daughter and her well-being.

          We aren’t legal experts here at NRS but generally speaking you cannot move out on your own without your dad/guardian’s permission until you are a legal adult (18 in most states). If you do opt to leave your home your dad can file a runaway report, which is essentially a missing person report. Running away is a status offense; this means that it isn’t illegal, but it’s something you can’t do while still a minor. If a report has been filed and you are located by the authorities, you will most likely be brought back home.

          If you’d like to go over what’s going on in depth, or if you’d like to explore other options that you may have available to you, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-RUNAWAY. You can also chat us by clicking on the “CHAT” button on top of our homepage. We’re open 24/7 and here to listen and support you in any way we can.

          All the best,
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