Hello, I'd like to remain anonymous so I shall take up the part of the person who I want to help, and I don't want too much details given.
I am curious exactly what the laws are for the state of Michigan for runaways. If I turn 18 before Summer (June 1st I guess you could say) and would like to move out what will happen? How can I pay for an apartment and how will it work all legally speaking? Can I move out of state? Also.. what will happen if I don't tell my parents really, for.. if they would know even the slightest bit I truly would have no chance of moving out. It's very hard to even plan this.. for my parents are rather very over-protective and constantly watch over and must monitor every single thing. I will be seeking a summer job and hopefully college isnt affected too much by this, but if so I will plan to go later on. Maybe I might even start it one semester late.

My birthday is still months away but before summer. Last questions would be: What would happen if my parents filed a runaway report at 18? At my current age right now? (17) And is there any services that can help make this an easier thing (after moving out) to talk to my family about?
And what can I do now to move out legally? I don't want emancipation because that would require my parents knowing way ahead of time of me moving out and would only hurt them more. I don't want to hurt my parents much.. but moving out and later trying to figure things out with them will be the only way. I cannot say much more, but there's a whole lot more to this. Thanks!