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Im 16 and hate living at home if i run away can the police force me to go back?

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  • ccsmod8
    RE: I'm running away

    Hello there –

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to reach out to us here at the National Runaway Safeline. Just know that we are always here to listen to you and help you in any way that we possibly can. From what you have stated in your post on our public bulletin board it sounds like you have been going through a very difficult time right now living at home and going to school. You are certainly very brave to reach out to us during your time of need, especially if you’re feeling unsafe. If you feel that you are in danger, please feel free to reach out to someone like the police or teacher to help you through that situation. Sounds like a lot of going on in your life and there isn’t too much stress relief happening. Hopefully we can start helping with answering those questions you have.

    Here at the NRS aren’t legal experts so we can’t tell you exactly what will happen if they police were to find out and/or come get you. We can only tell you of general runaway laws that we have hear or asked police officers in the past. The laws on that specific subject of running away vary from state to state. Generally what typically happens in each state is if you are below the legal age of majority (18 in most states except Alabama and Nebraska [19 or upon marriage], and Mississippi [21]), what generally happens; your parents like your mother and/or father would be able to make a runaway report in the event that you do leave your house. Since it’s only considered a statues offense and not a crime to run away, the only thing that would happen is that the police will pick you up and bring you back home. So you don’t need to commit a crime to be taken back home, the police can go and pick you up whenever you runaway under the age of 18.

    If you give us a call on our 24/7 hotline at 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) we would love to talk to you about your situation and potentially help you brainstorm a possible solution to the issues you are having at home. We also have an online chat service available every night from 4:30-11:30PM CST that is available through our website (

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    Guest replied
    I'm running away

    I live in Columbus GA and I don't feel safe at school, or at home. I feel threatened and unhappy. I mostly feel stress. I have money, and the supplies to do it. The problem is, I am 13 and I wanted to know if it is Legally possible for me to be a runaway. I have heard that some parents will have the police and the kitchen and the kids will say they can't handle this anymore and leave. Then the police will say "We cannot do anything until they commit a crime." Is this true? Can I actually do it? Reply back when you can please.
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  • ccsmod5
    re: runaway

    Hey there,

    Thank you for being able to reach out to us here at the National Runaway Safeline, it seems like you are going through a pretty tough time at this point in your life and we want you to know that we are here to listen and to help you in the best way that we can. From what you shared, it sounds like you and your sister are pretty set on leaving, we’re glad you reached out.

    We want to start off by letting you know that we are not legal experts here which means that we are only able to speak in general terms about your situation. In most states, because the both of you would still be considered minors, your parents are allowed to file a runaway report. If a runaway report is filed, it means that your school would be notified that you are missing and if you attend school, your parents would be contacted. Typically if you are found, you would be forced to go back home. Running away is not necessarily illegal, but it is a status offense, which means that you are not allowed to do it because you are a minor. If you would want more accurate answers, please feel free to reach out to your local police department and they would be able to provide you with more accurate information. If something like this makes you nervous, please feel free to reach out to us and we would be able to provide you with more information.

    We hope that we were able to let you know a little more about what we do and explain our services. We want you to know that our lines are open 24/7 and we can be reached at 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929). We also have a live chat program that is available every day from 4:30 PM until 11:30 PM CST. We wish you the best of luck and hope to hear from you soon.

    Stay strong,


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    Me & my sister want to run away we don't like the way our lives are, my sister is 15 & im 17 && i wanna runaway but i still wanna go to my school, if we was to get caught & i told the police i didn't wanna return home would i still be able to go to my school some how? & where would they place us? What do they do?

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  • ccsmod4
    I am 16 years old and want to homeschool and then go to college.

    Thanks for contacting the National Runaway Safe line.

    It’s not always easy to agree with your parents decisions but it sounds like you with along with them and tried to make the best of things.
    It sounds like you now would like to pursue being home schooled and that you are in line for a full tuition scholarship however once again you and your parents are in a disagreement over this. That’s too bad.
    Unfortunately we cannot answer this type of question without at least exploring what your state education laws and school district procedures might be in this situation. In most states students need parental consent when it comes to things like changing schools or educational programs.
    You might consider speaking with your school enrollment administrator and asking any questions you might have on this matter.

    In most states you must be eighteen years of age to legally move out of your parent’s home.
    We understand that this must be frustrating for you.
    If you would like to speak more about your situation you might call 1-800-Runaway (786-2929) or (NRS live chat)
    Perhaps with a little more information we can assist you with exploring options. How does that sound?

    We appreciate you sharing your story with NRS.
    Take care and we hope to hear from you soon.

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