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Can I leave with my son without parental consent?I want my baby out of this situation

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  • ccsmod10
    RE: Can I leave with my son without parental consent?!


    Thank you for reaching out to us during the difficult, scary time. It sounds like you are in an incredibly unstable environment. Nobody deserves to feel unsafe at home or that they must walk on eggshells. You mentioned that you have been kicked out before and that there is physical violence in the home. Have you talked to anyone at school about your situation?

    You also talked about having a safe place to go with your son’s father. Would your mother let you stay with him? You have a right to feel safe. We are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice. If you were to run away and your mother reported you missing, your information would be entered into a national database stating that if found you are to be returned to your legal guardian. Anyone that you would be caught staying with could possibly be charged with ‘harboring a runaway’ if your mom decided to press charges. However, it is not against the law to run away. In most places it’s considered a status offence. If there is abuse in the home or it is an unsafe environment, the police do have discretion when it comes to returning you back home.

    You also talked about not having enough resources to get your son baby formula or diapers. There are several options have available to you. A Caring Pregnancy Center in Pueblo, CO (719)544-9321 has free baby items and parenting groups for you. Catholic Charities at may also have resources available to you. You mentioned being worried about getting in trouble with child protective services. Have you ever worked with them before?

    We are sorry to hear you are in this scary place right now. If you were able to get to a phone, do you think you could contact us? We would be more than happy to help try and find you shelters and other resources to keep you and your son safe. We are confidential and anonymous and can be reached at anytime at 1-800-RUNAWAY(786-2929). We can also be reached by live chat at from 4:30pm-11:30pm Central Standard Time. You are not alone. We hope to hear from you soon. Stay safe and call us if you need us!


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  • Can I leave with my son without parental consent?I want my baby out of this situation

    I want to leave my mothers home. It is cramped and I have a little baby to take care of, although i am 15 there any way i can leave my mothers home without her consent? and If not can they take my son away from me if i get cought? I want to leave becuase there is no space, my brothers, son, and me all sleep in the livingroom together my little brother, my son and I sleep on the same couch, although it is a sectional, but my older brother sleeps mabey 10-15 feet away from us. My mother and her boyfriends stay in one of the two bedrooms upstairs and his two kids sleep in the other. We also have no dressers and are living out of suit cases becuase my mother never knows when her and her boyfriend is going to kick us out again.There has been 3 incidents that have occured of my mothers boyfriend kicking us out into the streets with my 3 month old boy since he has been born, we live in Colorado and it snows here my son was less than a month and a half old, there was snow on the ground and it was freezing, we had to walk almost a mile just to make to a place i could make my son a bottle, we finally reached a library almost 45 minutes to an hour later.We had found a ride to Pueblo, Co because of my sons father and his mother. My mother and her boyfriend are always fighting and I do not think it is a good place for my son and I to live becuase when they fight they actually fight i mean like hitting and punching each other fighting. I really want to leave and i already have a place we can tay and where there is room and is a safe enviorment to be in then where i am right now i just need to know if i leave can DHS or the cops take my son away and can i get in trouble for leaving? I cant stay here i have no idea of knowing if there will be enough food stamps to get my son formula or enough money to get him pampers. I know my sons father ill take care of us he has a house and a job i need to have my son in a safe enviorment please if you know anyway i can leave or have any information about my questions please let me.
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