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  • ccsmod10
    RE: Running away


    Thank you for reaching out to us during this difficult time. It sounds like you are living in a very dangerous situation, have you contacted the police or child welfare services about what has been going on? You have a right to be safe in your own home. Have you talked to anyone at school about the abuse? Here at the National Runaway Switchboard, we do not investigate abuse. We do however report it since we are mandated reporters. If you were to call us and give us the name and information of your father we could report it for you. We are a confidential hotline so we do not report abuse unless you give us more detailed information.

    It sounds like you have really thought about your options and have planned what to take with you when you go. We have resources in our database if you needed food, shelter or clothing. We help youth who have run away find available shelters and can call and advocate on your behalf. However, some shelters do require parental notification within 24-48 hours of your arrival, so that is something to keep in mind.

    It also sounds like you are also concerned with getting arrested if you leave. We are not legal experts and therefore cannot give legal advice, but we can tell you about runaway reports. Should your father call the police and report you missing, your information would be entered into a national database with all of your information in it. If you were to come into contact with the police they would be required to return you to your legal guardian. Running away isn’t technically illegal. In most places it is considered a status offence. However, anyone that you would be caught staying with could be charged with ‘harboring a runway’. Does that make sense?

    You also mentioned you might go stay with your mother until you figure out your next steps. Would you still be going to school? Would your mom be okay with you and your friend staying there? What other options have you explored so far? We do have some resources regarding alternative schools and living programs that might be helpful to you. The McKinny Vinto act states that you do have a right to continue going to school no matter what your living situation is at home. You can find more information about that here

    We are glad to hear you have a friend who is a support system for you, and are sorry to hear she is being abused at home as well. She is also welcomed to call us at 1-800-RUNAWAY or contact us by live chat at from 4:30 pm- 11:30 pm central standard time. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck. Take care and be safe!


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    Guest started a topic Running Away?

    Running Away?

    Hello! I am a 13 year old girl residing in Florida. My best friend and I want to run away. We are both in abusive households, it's a part of our bond. The law in Florida allows certain punishments as long as they don't get out of hand. I feel Our situations are beginning to get out of hand, even though the law disagrees. My father even hit my head against a table. We want out before we get seriously injured. We have critically considered the dangers, punishments, and positive effects that running away may have. I wanted to know is it legal for two 13 year old girls to run away? Could we get arrested if the police catch us? Do you offer shelters for runaways if things get really bad? If so where? What are some things needed to run away? I Have the basics, Money, Food, Clothes, Toiletries, a flashlight, batteries, and a map. I just need advice because I REALLY can't come back once I'm gone, things will only get worse. I might go to my mom's house, then somewhere else so I can start new, but I'm still working it all out.

    Thanks for supporting us and not reporting the runaways, =)

    Anonymous girl and Best Friend <3
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