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  • Broken..

    Hi, Im just a small town kid that lives in no one special or anything.. but I would like some help.
    Since the day I was born I have been treated the wrong way. Everyday I am reminded of how much I am hated
    and that no one loves me. My mom is non-stop fighting with me. She even lies to people saying I did things to her,
    That I never done.She hits me,screams at me,yells, and blames me for things I never done. She threatens me a lot as well..
    I say I have no family. My mom..she isnt my mom. If she was my mother,she would give me some respect,and love.
    My dad is nothing but a drunk. He will not pay child support and he wanted to abort me at birth. His side of the family has nothing to do with me. Im left out of everything. It may not seem as bad, but once you live this way.. it is. This goes on every day of my life. I just need to get out. I do NOT want to go to a foster home.. I just would like to be adopted by someone that loves me..and I love them. A child shouldnt be put through this. I am only 12 years old...and this is not a fit place.
    My home isnt the best in shape either. Its all junked up,not too clean.. but everyone of my houses has been like that.I have no free time to myself.My mom always has me and my grandma to get her everything. Shes too lazy to walk to the kitchen and get a glass of water. So she yells and wakes my grandma up at 3 am and she is 73 years old and can barely walk.. But she yells and wakes her up.. Calls her every name in the book and makes her get her stuff when my mother is 39 years old and cannot do it her self.
    The way she treats people.. she shouldnt even have ANYONE. shes nothing but a terrible person.

    People have told me just to try and talk it out.
    Tryed that,never works..this will never change with her.

    I have heard that once you are a certain age, you can pick who you want to live with.. but if it is not family, you have to go to court and get the whole adoption thing done. I was just wondering if that is true?

    I do not want to stay here. I do not have any family I can go to. None.
    I just want to leave.. I know your not here to tell me what to you but.. Im just not sure. What do you think?

    Thank you.

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    RE: Broken..

    Hello, and thanks for reaching out to us.

    It really sounds like you have been subjected to a severely unsupportive household for quite some time. Your strength as you figure out a way to manage the situation is admirable. Let me make sure I understand your situation:

    It sounds like you and your mom are in conflict every day – you state that she hits you, screams at you, and blames you for actions you never took. She forces you and your elderly grandmother to bring her things she can get herself, as well. You say that your father is an alcoholic who doesn’t pay child support and wants nothing to do with you. Finally, your home is sort of run down and dirty most of the time. Does all this sound accurate?

    Meanwhile you state that your attempts to talk to your mom about these issues haven’t gone well. You say she is not interested in changing her behavior.

    You feel that your only option is to get out of the home, preferably by being adopted by someone you love who loves you in return. However, you say that you have no family to turn to. Can you think of anyone who might be able to help you solve this problem? Some people turn to a trusted family friend, a pastor, a counselor, or a teacher – that option may or may not be available for you, however. Can you think of any options?

    It sounds like you are wondering about whether it is true that “once you are a certain age, you can pick who you want to live with, but if it is not family, you have to go to court and get the whole adoption thing done.” We are not legal experts, so unfortunately we do not know the answer to your question. However, we do have a database of resources we can access for you, which includes legal aid options – that is, lawyers who work for free and can answer this question. You always have the option of giving us a call at 1-800-RUNAWAY (800-786-2929), and we would be glad to look up legal aid options for you.

    It also sounds like you are thinking about running away. We do not tell people what to do, but we do try and help them accomplish their goals as safely as possible. If you were to run away, have you thought about where you would go? If you are interested in talking about your options further, we are here 24 hours a day, every day. Feel free to call, or you can contact us via our instant messaging system – it is available every day from 4:30pm to 11:30pm right here at

    We are really glad you chose to contact us. This is a very tough, scary situation you are dealing with. If you need support, resources, or just want to talk, you have the option of calling us.

    Best wishes to you.

    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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