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Ran Away Two Months Ago, Need Help

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    Re: Ran Away Two Months Ago, Need Help

    Thanks for reaching out to us and sharing your story. We truly appreciate you taking the time to contact us at the National Runaway Switchboard. We are a confidential, anonymous, 24 hour a day organization that seeks to explore options with you while offering support.Things seem to be tough at home with your father and step-mother and we’re glad that you decided to ask for assistance.

    A few questions came to mind like have you talked to your school financial aid officer for assistance on the matter? Maybe they can help you find a low interest edcuational loan to take on if thats something you're interested in which may be less of a financial burden in the future than a payday loan. Although it does sound really frustrating the situation with your father and step-mother, is it possible to ask for financial assistance from them since they're not allowing you to stay with them? Also you said your twin sister went to stay with your mother in Washington, Is it possible for you talk to her about the matter and see what kind of assistance she can be in the situation?

    It must feel overwhelming not knowing what to do. We wish to hear from you to explore the various options available to you. Trying to reconcile with your father, staying with friends, thinking about school, and not knowing where to live is alot to deal with at one time but we feel by talking it over can be useful.

    Stay strong and good luck.

    1800.RUNAWAY (786.2929)

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    Guest started a topic Ran Away Two Months Ago, Need Help

    Ran Away Two Months Ago, Need Help

    Wow, has it really been that long.
    My father and step mother kicked me and my twin sister out in early June. They did once because we didn't have jobs (though we had been home from college only a week) and I secured a job, we went back home. They then kicked us out again because of our grades. We are both music majors at a liberal arts college. We both failed piano class because we didn't complete all of the course work (it was a pass or fail) and one other class. After we explained to our parents, well my father and step mother, that we would both get an 'A' in the piano class once we returned and finished the material, and that we could retake the other classes they wouldn't listen and told us to get out. So, we did.
    My sister left to stay with my mother in Washington for the remainder of the summer, and I've been crashing at a friends place. I was fired from my job about a week in, and haven't been able to find one since- hundreds of other college students come back to my small home town every summer looking for work, and there isn't much. My sis will be returning on Wednesday, and I'm supposed to leave for marching band camp on saturday.
    My only problem is I don't have any where to live when i get back to college. I recently tried making peace with my father, but my step mother wormed her way in. I want to talk to him by myself, just the two of us- if my step mother is there she will just worm her way in and rant the whole time. My dad was willing to do this last week but I had to reschedule, now he refuses to see me unless my step mother is there.
    I'm not going home, it's pointless now that I have to go back to college anyway. I would much rather stay in my home town and work for a year, build my credit history, save some money, but I made drum major in the band and I can't leave them- it would be devastating.
    So, my main problem is I need a place to live. I have an apartment on hold, but the only way I would be able to pay the deposit is if I took out a payday loan or something. I have a job, possibly two when I get back to school, making rent will be tough but not impossible. And I'm fine with having no time for anything besides work, school, and band. I just need some help right now.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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