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  • Feeling unwanted and unstable

    I'm 14 almost 15 and a girl. I feel like I need to run away, not because my parents are abusive, but it seems like I just can't handle life. I hate my parents, mostly my mom, like no other, but she's not a bad mom. She yells a lot which makes me nervous and an emotion breakdown, but she doesn't hit me, would never kick me out, and tries to talk things out which never works. Like tonight for instance. It was one of the worst fights i've had with her. All she ever does is complain and I'm tired of it! I hear yelling every day even when I'm not in trouble. My parents yell at my brothers, they yell at each other, and each time I hear someone yell it makes me want to hide and cry. To top it all off, my parents don't know anything about me and haven't helped life go along. I've locked myself in my room because school was horrible, or I had a bad day. I've been feeling really depressed and hopeless, which my parents have no idea about. I feel messed up and probably have a bunch of problems. I panic too much about little things, have intense mood swings, and react to situations on impulse. I have money saved up, I have my bag packed, if I wasn't trying my best to control the impulse I would have walked out right now. To top it off, I'm losing all my friends and have no one to talk to, that's why I came here. I had two best friends, a girl J, and a guy N. J started ignoring me when she became popular, and I don't even think she meant to hurt me, but I haven't talked to her since. Another reason I need to run away is N. He was the one person I could tell anyone, but then he started saying things like I love you, and made the friendship awkward. How do I deal with him? Long story short, he killed our friendship and I have no one to talk to. I just need to get away from people. I hate people, and most of the time like to be alone. I can't stay here. I've made too many mistakes and need to get away from the pressure of life.

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    Re: Feeling unwanted and unstable

    thanks for posting.
    It certainly sounds like you have been going through a tough time.
    How did it feel to let out these feelings you have been experiencing?
    Sometines it can help to vent whether it be verbally or through writing.
    you expressed a couple of strong negative sentiments dealing with your feelings towards your mom but you also expressed some positive things as well. You said she complains a lot and yells at you. You go on to say she does not abuse you. She would never kick you out and tries to talk things out. What do you need from your mom to do to have a better understanding of who you are. Have you done enough in trying to show your parents who you are as a person.
    We're sorry to hear tonight brought about the worst fight you've had with your mom.
    It sounds like this is very troubling to you and we hope you and your mom can find some common ground. You stated that you have been feeling depressed and hopeless as of late and your parents are not aware. This must be very difficult for you. It can be very frustrating and confusing to see things clear when there is so much going on. We at NRS appreciate the way you've reached out tonight. What other methods have you tried other then going to your room to cope with your situation? You have demostrated good judgement in thinking it through before deciding to leave or runaway. Sometimes when there are things going on at home as well as with school and friends; it can become over-whelming. How would you feel about talking to your friends concerning the changes you see going on with your friendship? Would that help to ease the stress? If you are not sure that would help how would you feel about talking with a counselor?
    There are also mentoring programs you might look at as options.
    Have you ever heard of the Big Brother Big Sisters organization? Do you think you would be interested? You can visit their website at We would also like you to know that you can call our 1-800 Runaway 24hr Hotline and speak with someone about your situation. Please know we are here to listen and we're confidential.
    Thanks again for posting and we hope things improve for you.

    Take Care


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