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Im 18 and need to leave

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  • ccsmod5
    Re: Im 18 and need to leave


    Thanks for continuing to reach out to us. Sounds like things are still pretty intense for you.

    Why is it that you can't use the phone? In order for us to try and help further, it might be easier for us to give you services if you called. We could even make calls with you to shelters.

    Again, if that is still not possible, here are some numbers to shelters in Tampa, FL:

    Metropolitan Ministries

    Homeless Coalition

    If you need more help, please try and call us or keep messaging us on the bulletin board if that's the only way possible.

    Best of luck,

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    Guest replied
    Re: Im 18 and need to leave

    I have tried calling 211 but i havent gotten any info from it.

    I have noone to stay with and i have already brought up this issue with my po.

    I am out of options and noone is helping me.

    im running away.
    I dont have any money. I rather be on the streets.
    Its not like i have anything here. . .

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  • ccsmod8
    Re: Im 18 and need to leave


    We are glad you reached out. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us for support. It sounds like you have reached the point of urgency now to get to a safe place. We are sorry to hear that things did not work out at home. We imagine that we can help more if you were to call us but we wish to leave you with one resource that serves all the area of Tampa. It is called 2-1-1 Tampa. The alternate number to call is 813-234-1234. By calling this number, you are able to get in touch with a representative that seeks help youths locate local shelters or other resources.

    We are sorry to hear that you cannot use the phone. We wish for folks to contact us directly for immediately support. We are here 24 hours a day at 1800RUNAWAY. We are confidential and anonymous. Do you have other options at this time? Who else can you contact for a place to lodge until you figure out a permanent plan?

    We imagine if you continue to stay at your mother's house that if increases the chances of more stress. It sounds like you have had it with staying there. Have you thought of contacting your probation officer for options? There seem to be good reasons why your probation officer can work with you as you have tried to improve on your situation by going to college. It seems these are all good things to be proud of. We hear you on not wanting to stay at the crisis center.

    We are not here to tell you what to do. We only wish to continue to provide support. Please let us know how else can help. We are simply a crisis line for runaways and homeless youth but we provide crisis intervention for those needing a listening ear also. We look forward to hearing from you directly. Good luck.


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    Guest started a topic Im 18 and need to leave

    Im 18 and need to leave

    I need to leave. My mom is kicking me out and I have nowhere to go.
    I need help because the longer i stay here the more I want to kill myself.

    I cant run away because im on probation because my mom lied to the cops because she wanted me out of the house.

    I'm begging someone to please help me are there any homeless shelters in tampa that will help me? i go to college online right now and dont have a job even though I'm trying.

    Please. Please. Reply.
    I cant use the phone the only thing I can do is contact someone through the computer.
    Please I cant take it anymore I've been in and out of crisis centers and I've tried to call the cops but I always get in trouble. I have nothing to lose and I'm close to just running away but i know that wont work and will make things worse.
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