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My parents are mean and they don’t let me live my life I hate them

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  • My parents are mean and they don’t let me live my life I hate them

    I want to live my life

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    Originally posted by Guest View Post
    I want to live my life
    It sounds like your parents have been restricting your behavior and have been making life hard. It sounds like this must feel unfair.

    If you'd like to chat with someone about it more, you can contact us at to live chat, or call us at 1-800-RUNAWAY. We are available 24/7, and will listen and help however we can. We may be able to talk through how to handle the situation with your parents, or contact them on your behalf.
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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      I honestly don’t know how to work this so im just going to reply here.. I’ve been thinking about running away since I was 10 im 15 now. I’ve been dealing with depression for 4 years I started binge eating and purging to make myself feel better about myself and I self harmed for 2 years because of my family.. I just now recovered from self harm although I still miss the feeling and the feeling is making me want to start again because of how my family treats me…My family always gets emotionally abusive and has anger issues they get very toxic and blame everything on me like everything is my fault when im trying to fix me because im hurt and the pain is only aching. My mother gaslights, quilt trips, and gets angry at everything I do. Everything is just “talking back” and always you cant do this you cant do that. I just want my freedom. Sometimes I’ve been slapped in the face a few times from her for no reason, she often threatens to slap me/hit me or take away everything I own and throw it all away including the bed,tv,clothes,phone and not allow me to go anywhere including outside and to other relatives. I have a cousin(he’s 10) who usually stays with us because we are home schooled, he’s been getting more depressed more than usual since our family and my mother has been acting this way towards us over the past few years. I have a half sister who’s 4 she has hidden every mistake she’s done like knocked over water by accident, making a small mess and started lying to mother because she’s scared to be yelled at for such a small mistake. Im really tired of living with her and my family I DO NOT feel safe or complete or happy here with them. I told my friend im close to calling cps but I know they wont do anything because 2 years ago they came and investigated there was no proof and my mother made me lie to them saying everything was ok and fine. If I called cps or police and they search her background and online stuff and chats and everything and see how she acts.. they will just see how “nice” she is to everyone and how everyone thinks she’s perfect and so nice..she fakes everything around other people including our relatives but only my cousin and I see the falseness of everything she does when no one else sees so there would be no proof and i wont have the help I need. I cant reach out to anyone like school teachers or other relatives because 1 im home schooled and 2 my relatives dont understand because they are toxic and just dont listen. I really just want out of here i cant take living here anymore I resorted to suicide a year ago but i couldnt Because of my cats and my cousin are the only things keeping my alive..My friend told me I could stay with him im always welcomed to stay with him and his parents or he could take me some where far because he just got his license but i dont want to get him in trouble and I have done my research so im not planning on staying with him but i dont know what all the resources are to running away and I dont know if there are any shelters I could stay at around this area for the time being. Im planning on leaving in 4 or 5 weeks maybe 6? Im getting the money to leave around that time so I could survive for a bit. Not sure if you would reply or help but I hope someone sees this :c


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        Hi there,

        Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Your environment at home right now sounds very difficult to live in and we’re sorry you’re exposed to this kind of treatment constantly. It is understandable why you feel unsafe because it sounds very unstable and it is very brave to reach out to a resource like NRS. Especially when you’re looking out for you and your cousin. Your safety and well-being is important. If you are at risk of any danger or feeling unsafe, we encourage you to reach out to 911 or seek emergency assistance immediately. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255); and The National Eating Disorder Association; (800) 931-2237; are also great resources to reach out to in addition to our crisis services.

        You mentioned calling CPS. If you feel like this is an option you want to explore, you may find this website helpful: We can also help you to file a report if that’s the route you are considering. If you’re comfortable with pursuing that, or if you want assistance, you can reach out to the NRS hotline.

        You also mentioned that you’ve been reaching out to a friend throughout this process. It’s great that you have someone to confide in and who you can trust during this tough time. While we are not experts on the law, 18 is generally the age that an individual may leave home without parent permission. If you are under 18 and leave home, your parent/guardian may file you as a runaway and you may be returned home. Also, those you stay with may run the risk of being charged with harboring a runaway. For more specifics on the law, the local non-emergency police or legal aid may better answer legal questions.

        If you want to talk about more detailed resources that are available where you live, please reach out to NRS directly. Our contact information is 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929); (click on the chat button).

        If you are at risk of any danger or feeling unsafe, we encourage you to reach out to 911 or seek emergency assistance immediately.

        We hope to hear from you soon.

        Be safe,
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