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    Hi I'm 17 I have been in the hospital multiple times for trying to kill myself and I feel like running away from home tomorrow and I will because I hate her always yells at me like whenever I come home from school she tells me I'm going to be her slave or she's going to beat me and if I run away I know I'm going to end up in the hospital again for faild suicidal thoughts and as I'm writing this my mom is getting fired from her job please get back to me as soon as possible bye
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    Hi. Thank you so much for reaching out. You don’t deserve to have your mom putting these expectations on you or threaten you. You also don’t deserve to feel like, be treated like or called a slave anywhere. It seems like you’re looking for some alternatives to suicide. Let’s explore some options. If your mother is physically abusing you, that is something that we can help you report to Child Protective Services. There are different numbers to reach out to depending on what state you are in. Another option could be to look into emancipation where you would legally be an adult and able to leave her. Some states even have a lower age of majority (age they consider to be considered an adult). All of these things we can help you out with if you call us at 1-800-RUNAWAY or visit for our chat. We also have mental health resources to connect you with as well. We are here to support you.
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)


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      I have a problem with my mom, her and my dad are separated and they have a custody agreement that keeps me at her house most of the time. My mom is married and she and her husband have called me selfish multiple times because of me forgetting to do things I was told to do. My mom compares me to herself when she was my age a lot of the time because I cant do something the "right" way. The worst part us that she bad mouths my dad directly to me, and I don't think its a mentally healthy environment for me anymore. I'm just so tired of her shenanigans and I want to live with my dad. I'm scared she will try to take me away from him, and I dont know what to do anymore. Please help, I'm 13.


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        Hi there,
        Thank you for writing to us here at National Runaway Safeline (NRS). We understand it takes great courage to reach out, and we appreciate you sharing a little bit about what’s going on. We want you to know that we are here as support to help you through this challenging time. We can best help by phone or chat as NRS is unable to respond more than twice by email or bulletin for assistance. If you would like to talk more in detail and share more about how we can help specifically, please contact our 24/7 crisis support lie either by phone or chat.
        Our contact information is 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929); (click on the chat button).
        If you are at risk of any danger or feeling unsafe, we encourage you to reach out to 911 or seek emergency assistance immediately.
        We hope to hear from you soon.
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