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    It looks like you might have contacted NRS today through another means (for example, live chat, email or bulletin) for the same issue. Thank you for contacting us. NRS understands it takes courage to reach out for help; therefore, we would like to minimize the need for you to repeat your situation and avoid offering you duplicate services. Please call or chat us again if your situation changes or if you have more questions or concerns, or if you need additional support. We are here for you: 1-800-RUNAWAY;

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    Looking for a way out

    All my life, ever since was young and in elementary school, my mother has hated me. i know she prefers my sister over me by a long shot and she makes this very obvious. she makes my life a living hell and she controls every single thing i do. she takes her anger out on me and gets mad at me for being human and doing human things like texting someone. she has no trust for me and no respect either, always verbally lashing out at me when theres a problem between her and anyone. ive been dealing with her mental abuse for years and i cant even start to tell you about all the awful things shes done over the years to not only me, but my family. but overall, she acts bipolar and is ridden with anger issues. ive contemplated suicide more than i could think throughout my childhood years, and im glad to say im out of that mental state. however, ive been toughing it out for 18 years and honestly i dont know how much longer i can take. my boyfriend knows about my family issues since 2016, when i first opened up to him. he says that when i finish college, he can support me and i can live with him and his mom in texas. his mom knows me and i am on good terms with her. i told him i dont want to intrude or be a burden and he says that id never be a burden and that he wants me to get away from all that abuse as soon as i can. im extremely grateful for him and that opportunity. he says i can stay as long as i want, and its primarily to get me back on my feet and financially stable. i do want to take his offer but im losing my mind slowly, staying in this household. all my friends have so much freedom and great relationships with their parents but my mother restricts me from everything. she delays me getting a license because she wants to control me and drive me to college everyday. she refuses to let me commute because she thinks im trying to be the ‘woman of the house’ which makes no sense but alright. she wont let me get a job either because of all of this. im tired of being treated like im 13 years old, and i want to get out before my mental health deteriorates more. but the only problem is that shes paying for my college and everyone is telling me to take that opportunity until the four years are over. not only that but, i have no money and no job. id get nowhere. i lack so many life abilities due to her not trusting me and just controlling me. i cant cook, i cant drive, but i want to learn to do all these things. i wont have a place to stay if i move out and i dont know what id even be in life without a bachelors degree. I have heard of "Transitional Living Programs", but I fear for it only being available to foster kids, or people with disabilities. I'm an 18 year old girl living in NYC. I have no idea what to do.
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