I'm 15 i live with my mother and older brother. I have really bad mental issues and have told my mother about it. When i told her me and her where in a huge fight and, while i was leaning against the car she pushed her body against mine and yelled at me. I pushed her away because i got scared and she slapped me across the face, i understand that other people have it worse than me and my mom has made it clear that i needed to know that. It's a lot for me to deal with because, it seems like every time me and her talk it turns into a fight and she makes it always seem like every fight is my fault. Sometimes while me and her are fighting my brother joins in and takes her side on everything. My mom gives my brother a lot of control on my life ever since we where kids, and both of them know about my mental state but it seems like they are just ignoring it. During some of the arguments and fights with my mother she has threatened to hit me and on time she threw a TV at me. My closest friends want me to get out of the house and leave or find help but she has a habit of manipulating things to make it seem like she is the victim. For almost a year now every time i think of trying to find away out of the house or to talk to someone the first thing that comes to my head is to runaway. She puts a lot of pressure on me about my grades and i always bring them up when they slip, my older brother that lives with us just graduated high school. She tells me i need to work on responsibility and taking responsibility of my actions and all she chooses to see is the negative things and focus on my mistakes i have made. All the yelling, fights, and arguing messes with my head and my mental state but, when i try talking to her about any of it she wont listen. It's to a point where i'm scared to be in the house scared to sleep, eat, talk, move, breath. Every move i make scares me, my mother is a convicted felon and has gotten into physical fights with both her older and younger sisters. She almost killed her younger sister but, she bit my mother and i'm scared she could do something like that to me and i'm scared to be in the house with my mother or brother. They both think it is okay to hit/beat the dogs with belts ans when i try to stop them they say i'm overreacting. My closest friend knows bout all of this and she knows how scared i am to sleep in my own house and, she has heard me talking bout running away before and she said i need to do what makes me feel safe. Everyday i get more and more scared to be in the house, it's to a point where i'm just gonna leave and never look back and focus on my future.