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help me i cant live here no more

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  • help me i cant live here no more

    it is so negative i feel like no one loves our wants me whenever im in lockup my family is so happy cuz then im not home and they dont have to worry about me there is not a day that goes by that we dont fight i have ranaway 17 times in the last 2 years and i am planing to runaway aging i just dont know when because i dont even like running away last time i ran i got raped and i am just dealing with alot i feel like no one understands they say they do but they dont. my parents say that i run to get high drunk and party but i dont i smoke yes cuz it helps in the moment then my problems come back once my high is grandma is fighting for custody right know and my mom and step dad say that she isnt gonna win so then i think she isnt and i just get deppressed about it i dont even care where i live i just dont wanna live here i cant my mom calls me a hoe screams at me i have multiple assulat charges with my step dad i just dont know what to doanymore i have a social worker but she doesnt even help nun of the people that i have help they can only listen but otherwise there helpless and on top of that i might be pregnant and i cant have a baby im only 14 bout ta be 15 just here me out there is alot more i could type but i have school soon

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    Hello there,

    Thank you for reaching out to the NRS forum. We are here to help you and you did a great thing by taking the first step to reach out to us. It sounds like you are aware of the negative effect living at home is having on you. We are sorry this is the case; your home should be a safe space and somewhere you can feel protected. We are truly sorry to hear about the assault you have endured and want you to know you deserve better. One resource you may consider using is Childhelp. This is the national child abuse reporting hotline. Their number is 1-800-422-4453.

    You mentioned that during one of your previous runaway attempts you were raped. You did not deserve to have that happen to you and we fuly believe and support you here at NRS. It can be really hard to deal with this alone and sometimes it’s helpful to reach out to additional agencies for support. One really great resource for all survivors of sexual assault or abuse is RAINN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network). You can call them any time 24/7 at 1-800-656-4673, or go to to use their online hotline. RAINN is the National Sexual Assault Hotline and has a lot of services, support and resources that you may find helpful.

    It can be unfair that your parents think you are running away to do things that you actually aren’t and if you ever want to have an honest conversation with them explaining your true feelings, NRS is able to help you conference call with your parents. It can help to have a conversation with your parents, alongside an adult that is willing to advocate and support you. Additionally, it can be scary and intimidating to be pregnant in a situation where you feel you need to run away. Our lines are open 24/7 at 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) for you to call in and we can discuss resources and options that are available to you to help you through pregnancy, your home situation and any other concerns you may have. As always, feel free to call in at any time and we hope to help you soon.

    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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      thank you so much sometimes its nice if someone listens to me thank you for these numbers i am thankful you got back to me for a sec i didn't think you where gonna right back.


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        I truly can't live here anymore. It feels like I'm not treated equally. Why? Because it feels like my mom let's my sister do what ever she wants. She can text her friends and go hangout with them, but when I tried to hangout with my friends, she just gave me a bad look. When ever I go, she gets mad and tells me to hurry up, I can't even hangout at least for 15 or 20 min. When ever I text with my friends, which I only have 2, she gets mad at me and tells me that my friends are toxic and changing my life. I only have 2 to text, and my sister has more than 20 including social media, but I am "prohibited" to talk to my friends and have social media. That was 1-2 years ago. I still have my friends because I have no one else to talk during this pandemic. And she still gets angry at me. She sometimes judges me the way I clean, she tells me that I'm not good ant nothing but just play games. I only have one game in my phone.Then we both argue to each other. During remote learning, she gets mad that I don't help her. How if I have school in session, and she doesn't like when I do my homework at night. I'm in 10th and my sister is in 1st year of college. She only has 2 or 4 classes every 1 or 2 hours while I have 7 classes for 7 hours. I have to wake up at 7 or 7:30 am for k can get ready for school, then end and 2pm, I have lunch break for 45 min, but its mostly chores time, while my sister wakes up at 11am to start her class, then when she finishes, she just go to her phone and supposedly taking care of my 2 little siblings. And my mom wants me to help my 6 year old brother at his school but how if I have school. And when ever we both argue, and when we finish, I just think of killing myself or runaway, but I hesitate and won't do it. When ever I mentioned about my sister having her freedom, she just says "here we go again" or " not again". It feels like she is just looking and my side more than her side. My mom tells me that i am welcome to leave out of the house but I don't leave immediately because I have no where to live. I have my dad but he lives far and his family is too quiet which is him, the girlfriend and with his son which he is 21. I contacted my friend, he wish he can help, but his family doesn't want to help me. He also has the same issues. When ever I just start thinking of the anger argument I had, I just go to bed and start crying thinking of what can I do, kill myself, or runaway. I just wish that if I run away, I just find a shelter to live for a week or so until I can contact my other friend. I have more friends but I can't communicate with them because I can't have phone numbers being shared out. What I'm really arguing about is that I'm not treated equally like my sister during her teen year because right now she's already 18 and I'm 15. And my mom makes me mad about all the dumb stuff she says about me, my friends, how I am. Please help me or give me some advice.

        *Sorry for the long post, but this is what I'm going and what I am still going on my life.*


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          Thanks for reaching out to us here at National Runaway Safeline. We know that it can take a lot of courage to reach out for support, and we're glad you did. It sounds like things at home have been tough for you, especially when it comes to being treated differently than your sister. It must be frustrating to try and communicate how you're feeling to your mom, just to feel unheard. If talking with your sister is an option, that might be helpful. Since she's a little bit older, maybe she can help facilitate that conversation between you and your mom. If that's not something you're interested in, it could always be an option to try and have someone else facilitate that conversation, like a family friend, family member, or even a therapist. Having someone around to help mediate tough conversations can really be helpful.

          You also mentioned having some thoughts about killing yourself. If you'd like someone to talk to about those thoughts, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a great resource for support. You can call them at 1-800-273-8255 or chat with them through their website: If you ever feel as though you need immediate support because you're at risk of harming yourself, you can also contact your local police.

          If you're considering running away and would like us to help you find shelters in your area, you're welcome to give us a call. We can search our database to try and find local shelters that you might be able to go to if you decide to leave home. We can also chat over your current situation in more detail, go over options that are available to you, and just otherwise be a listening ear. You can reach us by phone at 1-800-RUNAWAY or through live chat at We're available through both 24/7.

          Hang in there.

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