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    I'm 14 and I recently had to move away from where i lived and i now live somewhere i hate. i tried talking to my mom about moving back because she and my dad are always fighting. i told her he had a perfectly good job where we lived but he wanted more money. she got mad and said i was stupid and started cussing. she said she wuoldnt leave him just because i didnt like life right now. then yesterday she said she hated me and she didnt want to be my mom anymore, i want to take a greyhound to where i want to go, but im confused as to if i can even do that without parental consent. i also have a friend who's 15 who wants to come, he is having trouble too, im wondering if since he's older than me, will he be sentenced with harboring me as a runaway? please try to answer asap

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    Re: Leaving

    we're sorry to read about the tough time you're going through with moving to a new area.
    What is it about the area that you don't like? Have you started a new school year yet? Have you met many friends. It can be hard accepting change and starting new. You mentioned your mom and dad seem to argue
    constantly. Has that been the case since you moved? what was they're relationship like before you moved?
    Have you given much thought to what went in to them making the decision to move or what thoughts and feelings they may have had about what or whom they were leaving? How do you think your mom felt about moving? was she for it or against it? How is your dad's attitude since you moved. Does it seem this has effected everyone in one way or another? You told us about your mom making a disparaging remark about you making a comment about your dad's job change and she cursed at you. She made a harsh comment
    about how she felt about you along with not wanting to be your mom anymore. It's unfortunate she said that to you and we're sorry you had to hear it. No one should have they're feelings taken for granted nor
    do you deserve to be spoken to in that manner. We hope you and your mom will work through this and learn to talk to one another without it being disrespectful to ither of you. As we mentioned earlier moving or any kind of change can be difficult and it might help to talk it out with someone you feel comfortable with.
    Is there anyone such as a grandparent, aunt ,uncle, etc. that you can talk with about how you feel concerning this situation? Would counseling be a consideration for you and your family? We have a national data base and would be willing to help you find some counseling options in your area.
    We're here to listen at 1-800-runaway you can call our 24hr hotline should you feel the need to talk or go over options that might exist. In answer to your question about your friend concerning harboring a runaway
    thats something that would be left up to the police and how they view his role in your being runaways.
    We would like to thank you for taking the time to contact and share your situation and feelings with us.

    Take care,


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