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Should I call CPS on my mother?

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    [I][B]sup, i'm 16 and my situation isn't as bad as it was. in the past my mom let her husband (whom she didn't know very well and let move in) sexually abuse my sister and i for about a year before my sister told her school. since then my mom is still married to him but he is incarcerated. my mom lost two of her jobs and none of our dads pay child support except mine and it's $250 every two weeks, so she uses my money and i have no idea where it goes ??? when i need things or my sister needs things it's always like pulling teeth but she had no problem going to get her nails done! she brings over guys she barely knows (while we are all awake) after we tell her it makes us feel unsafe,and if she's not bringing them here, she stays out! sometimes doesn't come home for a weekend and there will be no food! she constantly ignores our mental health ,pushed me and my sister into taking anti-depressants, and my sister told me that she showed her pictures of grown men's private parts. i'm done. i'm tired of feeling unsafe in my own house and i'm tired of this affecting my sister, what can i do ?

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    Re: Should I call CPS on my mother?

    Thanks for reaching out the National Runaway Safeline Forum. Your family situation you have described sounds very challenging. You appear to have a strong handle on what drives your parent’s challenges and how it is negatively impacting both you and your brother and sister. You mentioned that there is no physical abuse happening in your home presently but there is a large amount of verbal abuse between your parents and neglect to the point where you do not safe in your home. Your main issue – Should I call CPS on my mother – is a very good question to ask at this point. Let’s try and brainstorm some Pro’s and Con’s here to help you consider your next steps:

    • By filing a report with CPS – you will put your parents on guard that may force some changes in behaviors.
    • You will get outside eyes involved with your family situation that may offer help such as addiction counseling and parenting support in helping make better household financial decisions
    • By you taking action, it may help you feel more empowered because you are doing your best to make positive changes in the situation

    • Typically CPS is motivated to try to keep families together. There is no way to know if what they suggest will be in line with what you want to have happen to support custody for your father.
    • It may cause your parents to treat you with distrust and may have negative implications on how you and your brother and sister are treated.
    • By you taking this step, it puts spot light on you to tell your family’s story. If there is no physical evidence or other adult family members that will back up what you are saying, it may be challenging to be heard and understood by a CPS caseworker.

    We know that this is a very difficult step for you, There are some resources we can suggest to help you through this decision process.
    * Child Help USA – 800-422-4453 – This agency focuses on youth who are dealing with family abuse issue and can help suggest local resources.
    * Families Anonymous -800-736-9805 - This agency focuses on families impacted by substance abuse issues.
    * SAMHSA –Substance Abuse & Mental Health Resources Administration – 877-726-4727 – This service links up callers with family counseling resources

    We hope we can support you further if you wish to discuss these options further or perhaps find legal aid resources in your area. The best way to get this information quickly is to contact us directly. You can confidentially call us 24 a day at 1-800-RUNAWAY (1-800-786-2929). Another option is contact us through our chat line from 4PM-11PM accessed through our website

    Thank you for sharing your situation on the National Runaway Safeline Forum. Hopefully other youth will benefit from you sharing your story. We hope the information above will help you find the steps to feel safer in home. Best of luck!

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    Guest started a topic Should I call CPS on my mother?

    Should I call CPS on my mother?

    So reading some questions on here i definitely don't think my mom is as neglectful and abusive as some but she still gives me a lot of trouble. Im 14 years old and my mom is 50. She is good at keeping us fed but only because of food stamps. She spends most of the actual money on unnecessary things like paint, furniture, and basically anything to cover up the fact that our house is falling apart. She recently got credit cards for various stores which cost more to have than the things she is buying because we never actually go to anywhere but walmart. In the past my dad was an abusive alcoholic to my mom and brother but not me and my sister. We ended up kicking him out when I was maybe 4-5. After a few years he started to come visit us again to drop off money for my mom and to feed us. This went on for about five years until I was about 9 or 10. During these five years my mom became addicted to Xanax, Percocet, and other persciption drugs which she would get from meth heads and crack heads. I ended up having to take care of my mother in these years because she was always passing out. So I missed school because I was scared my mother woulde die or get hurt in the shower or making food or something. She'd spend a of time asleep or as she liked to call them "having seizures" but when she tried to walk around she would always end up on the floor or slouched over like you were checking for scoliosis. When my dad moved back in with us he still drank and my mom still popped pills but everyone was better off because at this point we got xboxs and playstations to distract us while our drunk father passed out with our high mother. Umfortunately, they both ended up off of pills and not drinking but thats when things got bad. My mom always used to pick fights with my dad and they would stop after she passed out but now she doesnt pass out anymore. So fights started getting worse. My dad, having no where to live if he got kicked oit again, doesnt partake in the fights anymore. My mother however loves to mentally screw us all over. She loves fighting with my dad about how he doesn't make love to her if its not quick and ******** like that. Also my mom is completely insane. She believes in vortexes and portal to other dimensions all over our city and all over the world. She spends most of the time making us late for school or other activities because she takes pictures of clouds. She isn't metally stable enough to take care of us but my dad doesnt have the money to take us from her so we are all just stuck here. If someone could please contact me about who to go to in a court of law to help my father get a divorce with my mother and end up with custody of me and my brother that would be amazing. He wont be able to take our sister though because she isnt his biological daughter and he never got rights to her.
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