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Can my mom kick me out as a minor?

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  • Can my mom kick me out as a minor?

    I'm 15 right now and I turn 16 in 17 days. I dont have a job but me and my sister both applied to her last year's summer job. because of social distancing we cant get our interviews for a few weeks. My mom has a long history of drugs. Shes been clean for a few month but sometimes me and my 2 older sisters dont think she is. She told me she's not giving me specifically an Easter because i guess i didnt turn the stove all the way off after i had just cooked her and the entire house eggs and french toast for breakfast. I know its not that big of a deal but shes still getting my sisters things, just not me. She has told me numerous times to get out of her house, but i always saw it as something she just says cause shes mad. But today she texted me to pack my stuff and get out and that shes dead serious. Im still home now but if she were to actually throw me out, would i be able to call the cops or something? is that even legal? like im a minor, her daughter. is there any type of law that this violates even if it's not a major one. I just dont want to be stuck on the streets and I feel like that's where im headed. Soon. Very soon. I have to do school on the computer and if I'm on the streets, I cannot do so. It blows my mind that other kids have semi perfect lives, no real issues. I wish I could just have a fresh start. Nobody knows my name, where im from, the things ive been through. My mom is so lazy yet she throws in my face that "she gave me life" and that if "it wasnt for her i woudnt be here" which is funny bcause when she was pregnant wit me she wanted an abortion and my dad tried to kill me inside of her by beating her. Nobody wanted me around from the beginning, so i feel like I'm just a burden to everyone. My mom doesn't have a job, she doesn't make her own money, yet it blows my mind that shes still able to "care" for kids. We buy our own food when we can from making money by cleaning cars, houses, babysitting. whatever we can so all three of us can eat dinner. She doesnt cook, clean, nothing. All she does is sit on the couch on her phone playing casino games with fake money smoking a cigarette. None of us can drive yet, though, so it's very hard to be living with a lazy "mother" who doesn't take care of you. I cant even remember the last thing she spent her own money on me for. She hasn't gotten me or my sisters anything for our birthday , christmas, valentines day, and easter in years. This year was supposed to be different. She promised that she would get us a nice basket. But now, the only thing i get is told to leave. I dont mean to sound spoiled or ungrateful, it just upsets me that i watch all these other kids have nice holidays with their loving family, or all these families having fun together, when i havent even had a normal one on one regular conversation in MONTHS. Everytime a fight breaks out and she tells me to get out. When this happens i usually go to my best friends house and ill stay there for a day or two but i dont want to overstay so ill just pretend my ride is there picking me up and walk across town home.

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    Thank you fro contacting us and sharing your story. We are very sorry to hear your mom has treated you so poorly and made these threats against you. To answer your question very directly: yes, kicking you out at your age is illegal. Until you are 18, your parents/guardians have the legal obligation to make sure your needs are cared for and you are safe and physically, emotionally, and intellectually nourished. That is your right and threatening to kick you out -- on top of all the other things your mom is or is not doing to/for you -- would be considered neglect, which could go on a child abuse form if you choose to report it. Note, even threatening to kick you out could count as neglect or abuse, whether or not she actually does it. If you choose to report the abuse you can do that through your state's child abuse reporting hotline or through Child Help ( at 1-800-422-4453. You can also file through us here at National Runaway Safeline. But again, whether you decide to file or not is up to you. We honor whatever decision you make and support you either way. If an abuse report is made it would likely lead to a child protective services investigation. They would likely interview you and your mom and determine what the best course of action is. Sometimes that simply involves talking things through and checking up later to see if things are improving. If things are deemed detrimental to your well being, you could be removed from the home and placed somewhere safe. Of course, if she did kick you out you could also go to the police.

    You sound rightfully frustrated at not receiving the attention and support you need from your mother. There is pain attached to your words and we truly appreciate where you are coming from. Even if she does not kick you out, it sounds like you need more support than what you are getting right now. It is probably a good idea to seek out supportive people as much as possible. Your feelings have value and you have the right to be seen and heard. If there is someone in your life that you feel comfortable with and trust, by all means take advantage of talking with them. Perhaps that's a relative, teacher, counselor, religious leader, or anyone you feel safe with. Friends can also support you, but getting an adult involved often may help give you perspective that your peers may lack. Of course, we are here for you whenever you want to talk. You can call us 24/7 at 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or chat with us via the portal at We are a confidential, safe place to talk about whatever you are going through. We can help you figure out what your best options are and can connect you to resources in our database: shelters, counselors, legal aid, and more. Of course, even if you just need to vent, we are here to listen. We hope to hear from you soon.

    All the best,
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

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