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How Can I Explain to My Family Why I Left Home?

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  • ccsmod16
    HI, Thank you for reaching out to us; we are glad that you did. It sounds like things at your school are really hard and stressful and that it has taken a heavy toll on you. For a situation to be bas enough that you’ve though about killing yourself to get out of it is serious. We believe you. We hear you. You have been so brave for enduring 6 years there. You are so brave and strong for reaching out for help. We hear you.

    And your father responding cruelly, and your aunt and uncle not getting involved makes all of it so much harder. It is understandable that you want to leave. We are very sorry that you are going through this. We are glad that you are doing online school for now and we’re also glad that you found us.

    We work to help youth make the decision that works for them. We believe that you are the expert in your situation. We are here to help you discover your options for either staying or leaving, and to help you to be safe and off the streets.

    The best way for us to help you is by having a conversation so that we can help you think things through and to come up with a safety plan for whatever it is that you decide to do. You can reach us 24/7 on either our telephone hotline at 1-800-186-2929 (1-800-RUNAWAY), or via live chat at Both ways to reach us are confidential. If you feel that you are in danger of taking your life, please reach out to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1800-273-8255

    You matter to us, and your life matters to us. We are here for you to listen and help. We truly hope to hear from you.


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    Guest started a topic How Can I Explain to My Family Why I Left Home?

    How Can I Explain to My Family Why I Left Home?

    A little about me, I go to a boarding school 11 hours from my home, I'm 17 years old and I want to run away from home. I've gone there for the last 6 years but over the past year my mental health has deteriorated. I've wanted to kill myself multiple times, on top of that my father is barely involved in my life and when he is, he's verbally and emotionally abusive. When I've tried to tell my aunt and uncle about it, I just made them upset. They refuse to get involved. Telling me that I only have a year until I'm 18, and that I just need to suck it up and deal with it. My father (who has custody of me) said that I was just making it up because I wanted attention. I told her that if she didn't take me out of the school I would get myself expelled. His response was, "If you get yourself expelled I will send you to bad kid school where you're beaten and raped everyday." We're doing online school for the time being so thankfully I don't have to go back this year. But I have really thought about running away over the summer and trying to get emancipated before school starts, that way I don't have to go back. I'm pretty okay on my plan except for one thing. When I'm not at school I live with my aunt and uncle, they want me to graduate from the school I'm at more than anything. But I can not go back! I am going to run away but how do i explain it to my aunt and uncle.
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