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Can I legally move out??

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    Re: Can I legally move out??

    Often, youth may reach out to NRS in several different ways to discuss their situation. If a response from NRS is not visible on the forum thread, it may be that we have already provided services to that individual through another platform we provide such as email, our crisis hotline, or our live chat service (in operation every day through our website at NRS encourages anyone in need of assistance to contact us through our 24 hour crisis hotline at 1-800-RUNAWAY to receive immediate support.

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    Guest started a topic Can I legally move out??

    Can I legally move out??

    My family situation is so confusing, but here we go.

    Recently (1 year and half ago), I moved in with my mother whom I had never lived with before. Before I lived with her I lived with my father for 14 years (I'm 16). He was an abusive alcoholic. Every night my father would get very intoxicated and would eat my bothers in front of me, tell me I should kill myself and would Almost never fed us. I couldn't stay there any longer so I moved in with my mother. Anyway, my mother put on a show to get me to like her, she bought me food, clothing, and even a laptop and phone. It was great, I thought my Life was going to be great, I have a home, and my mom and stepdad who loved me. Well, that ******** didn't last long at all. Maybe after a few months she started to be verbally mean to me. She would tell me if I didn't do things for her she would send me back to my fathers, yell and scream at anything I did. Even if I did what she wanted. My mother wants to control anything and everything I do. She is mentally unstable is a pill head and is turning into an alcoholic just like my father. In late December of 2015, my stepdad and mother got divorced and kicked us out, knowing we had no where to live. We were homeless for a week, my friends family took me in while my mother lived with some random man. I have been living with them since January of 2016. They take care of me, buy me clothing, show me love, buy me food, and take care of my basic needs... things my mother cannot provide for me. Now my mother has been getting very angry with me because I don't want to go back to live with her and there is no way in hell I am moving back in with my father or his family. I want to live with the family I'm staying with until I'm 18. I'm scared mother is going to snatch me away from them and they are scared she will do it as well. Also I'm not going to child services, they were called four times, but I'm not going into foster care. My therapist and case worker have suggested I get emancipated and they said they would help me through it, but I feel it will be a long and hard process that is very risky. What if i don't get the emancipation? My mother will never let me go anywhere ever again she will be worse to me than ever before. I just know how she is.

    What am I supposed to do? I feel so stuck.
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