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    hi, I'm 14 and i don't feel like my parents care about me as much as they do my brothers
    they treat them diffrently then they do me and i'm sick of it they don't listen sometimes and it's like i do everything wrong and they do everything write i mean i know my youger brothers are younger and everything but i hate being the oldest. My 12 year old brother is autistic or whatever in the early stages really early stages so he basically dosen't have the mind of a 12yr old but i still don't thinks it's an excuse 2 treat him like he is diffrent. because he is not he comes from the same mom the same dad and everything i don't c y he is so special. even if he as autism i was told 2 treat him normal. so i treat him normal we get into fights and call eachother names and get into fights and then i get yelled at 4 treating him normal and all that crap and when my parents do take my side and tell him 2 not do something he does it anyway and i'm just pissed off and i don't want 2 be here anymore me and my friend has everything set up 2 get on a bus and go live with my boyfriend in kansas and my other bro has anger problems and it's like u have 2 do what he says or the throws a fit u can't leave the room if he dosen't want u 2 and u have 2 stay there until he is ready 2 leave
    and sometimes i get so mad so violent in my mind that i have 2 storm out of the house b4 i hit somebody or beat up somebody i don't want 2 be so angery anymore i want help with all my anger problems but i don't want people to think i'm crazy i just want help and i don't want it 2 be on my record cause i got dreams of being a cop and i really want to do that cuz it is my life dream to be a cop and i dont want to lose that dream cause i want to make somthing of my self

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    Re: they don't care


    thanks for posting. It sounds like you've been experiencing some difficult times at home.
    You seem to feel there is a double standard when it comes to your parents expectation with behavior concerning you and your brothers. While you have a good point that there should be fair treatment when it comes to being corrected for bad behavior there is the matter of your younger brother having special needs due to his autism. How much do you understand about autism? Have you thought about how you and he interact? What might work with getting cooperation from him that could mean less frustration for you? When you say you treat him normal does that mean you see fighting and yelling as being normal? Your feelings do matter so we understand your level of frustration in getting your parents to acknowledge your position.
    Has your family been to any counseling? Perhaps that would be a way for you to be heard.
    You mention as well the relationship with your other brother who has anger management problems. That must be very uneasy for you. How do you avoid conflict with him other then what you mentioned. These problems that exist at home have you thinking about running away with a friend to your boyfriends home. What's his situation? does he live alone? Are the other people in the home aware or receptive to you coming there? What are your plans
    to survive? What are your feelings about your education. How do you think your parents will react. We like to go over as many options as we can think of as a way to get you to look at your situation as a whole as well as your plans for your safety. Yours is certainly a situation to be taken seriously and with care. if you would like you can call our 1-800-Runaway 24hr hotline and to to one of our crisis liners about your situation. Lets go over a few things. Do you believe you've exhausted all means to bring attention or change to your family conflicts? will running away resolve it or present a new enviroment with new complications? We thank you once again for bring your situation to our forum and we hope we have been of some help. Good luck with however you decide to choose. Please know we are available to listen whenever you want to be heard.

    Take Care,

    Families Anonymous
    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

    Tell us what you think about your experience!


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