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Best Friend Hates Me and Family Doesn't Trust Me

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  • Best Friend Hates Me and Family Doesn't Trust Me

    Hello, i'm a 16 year old boy who recently I got in trouble for drug use, but i have stopped completely and that isn't a problem anymore truly. However,now my parents don't trust me anymore like at all and I understand why. When they caught me this time (not the first issue concerning drugs), my dad didn't say anything for a few days and my mom scolded me in the meantime. She told me how disappointed she was with me and how she is hurt by my actions and feels like she can't help. My dad however took a different approach and after a few days, I was studying for my politcal science class and then he just came in and threw me across the room. He then proceeded to throw me a few more times and then hit me in the face while i was down on the ground. He hit my nose and eye (even though he said he was aiming for my jaw) and then threw me one more time until i said "please stop". The whole time this was going on btw, he was yelling at me and scolding me for disrespecting our family and for making my mother cry. (my parents are divorced btw) After i said please stop he stopped hitting me and i ran to the shower to fix the bleeding. He then cleaned up the bloody carpet and proceeded to talk to me in the bathroom about my habits and actions. I listened as he was my dad, while also crying and still trying to fix the bleeding. He then calmed down a bit and tried helping me with the bleeding. After i got done in the shower and the blood had kind of stopped draining from my face,i got a bag of ice and put it on my bruised eye/nose and layed in my bed. After a bit, my dad came back in and decided to talk to me and asked me why i did what i did and also tried talking to me about how im his son and he doesnt want this to continue but that im choosing to be distant and secretive with him and he can't have that. I really didnt have an answer to what he was saying at the time because of what just happened but i really didnt have a reason in general. I just thought that what i did was fun and i had so much down time that i did it often. I planned on stopping and effectivly did but my parents still took it to the extreme. It's been about a week since that event happened, and everyday since I have had to be under constant surveillance. I'm not allowed to see/talk with my friends outside of school, not allowed to stay after school for 1 hour to take my sister home from volleyball, and have to either go to work (where my dad works as well) and wait for my mom to get home so i can go home, or wait at my dad's gf's house until he gets home so i can drive over there. I get why they are doing these things but to me they are taking everything to the extreme. I get talked to daily about my life and where things are heading for me and i've heard it all before. Its just super annoying at this point and i cant take it. The only things really keeping me motivated to do anything was my friends, schoolwork, and watching tv. However, as of recently, my best friend has become distant and says she feels numb. Today i tried talking to her about our friendship and tried to fix things with her. She's not mad at me for what i have done, she has just "lost all her strings". She had to move to a different school recently and i know that has been hard on her and ive been trying to help her but she said that she doesnt need my help and that im not trust worthy anymore. She's my best friend and i don't want to loose her, and i've tried helping but at the same time im dealing with my home issues and school to boot. Today, her cheerleading friend came up to me in the hallway and told me that she's been feeling lonely and sad and to talk to her more but i have been and she refuses to have anything to do with me. She said today that:
    "We just don't get along, You don't make me feel better, I don't look to text you when I feel like I'm drowning, I don't laugh when I text you anymore, Idk I cant explain it" and that really hurt me. I don't want to loose her as a friend cuz she means the world to me and has always been there for me, but now i feel like she's trying to end my relationship with her and i cant do anything to fix this really. Idk if she's feeling depressed or anything cuz frankly she wont tell me even though i've asked. I can't go see her either because of my situation at home and my other friends are forbidden from seeing me because my parents don't trust them either. At this point I really don't know what to do and have thought about just riding it out and giving up but i can't knowing that i'll loose the most important person in my life. I guess all im asking rn is for your advice on how to resolve this situation, and please don't give me some crappy advice that u give everyone else. I need solid advice that will help fix my situation at least with my best friend cuz if i don't have her i don't have anyone. Thanks

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    re: Best Friend Hates Me and Family Doesn't Trust Me


    Often, youth may reach out to NRS in several different ways to discuss their situation. If a response from NRS is not visible on the forum thread, it may be that we have already provided services to that individual through another platform we provide such as email, our crisis hotline, or our live chat service (in operation every day through our website at NRS encourages anyone in need of assistance to contact us through our 24 hour crisis hotline at 1-800-RUNAWAY to receive immediate support.

    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
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