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    ok so i just discovered this website,I'm hoping it will help my situation, My parents are strict and annoying, Always yelling at me, making me cry all the time,,,,and I'm a teenager. I have to put my phone downstairs at 9, I have to ask before calling my boyfriend. Im a good student with good grades and
    they legit hate me. one minute there all "I'm so glad your my daughter,: The next there grounding me for doing HOMEWORK when i should be sleeping. Like'm Im sorry i care about my grades!!!? so I've tried running away when i was little MULTIPLE times. I didn't get far but believe me i tried. Im getting to the last straw.So finally I met this guy who understands me, his parents are kinda the same way.We have been together for almost 4 months. My parents check my phone ALL THE TIME. nothing i do is private. Its so annoying. they don't trust me, I don't do bad things. However, the worse my parents get the more i cuss behind there backs, and wanna do things they won't let me do. just to be rebellious. Thats why I'm counting down the days till i leave my house. There not bad parents but I think there WAY to hard, It sucks being an only child,,, i get blamed for EVERYTHING. if they have a crappy day it effects me.So anyways, I usually ride my bike to get away from them when i need too. Tonight i was talking to my boyfriend, the only good thing in my life. we go to different schools so i don't see him much. His parents are divorced and he will be at his moms this weekend.... meaning i won't get to see him, All week i was looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. But I apparently talked 10 more min then i was supposed to on the phone and now i can't see him,tomorrow, I was angry i went to bed. They don't get it. They threaten to make me stop seeing him. cause i "don't listen". The other day i hung out with him at kroger. My mom knows we kiss and is ALWAYS asking about it. Its personal she doesn't need to know everything, so Im at kroger and i come out 5 min late, she's furious. i get in the car and she asks what i was doing. She asked where my tank top was? what even? i showed her it was on. SHE FREAKING THINKS IM DOING MORE THAN KISSING. she knows I'm a good responsible girl. but SHE DOESNT TRUST ME. AND AT KROGER REALLY????? she makes me so angry. thats why i don't wanna tell my parents anything, but they always find out, there like stalkers on me. How can i do what I want when there on my tail 24/7. my mom talks about how my boyfriend and I are gonna eventually break up. Like THANKS ALOT MOM?! we're not. i can't stand them AT ALL. I wanna run away with my boyfriend and never comeback,,, which I know I can't do. But i need to get away from them, I wish they were less strict. I need more freedom. Other wise when I get olderI will be rebellious and do everything they told me not to do, and everything they won't let me do.

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    Re: Ready to be independent

    Hi there,

    We're glad you found us and decided to reach out. It sounds like you feel things are pretty strict at home. Although you mentioned being a good student and obedient to your parents you feel as though they place a lot of restrictions on what you can do. That sounds frustrating to not be able to be as social as you'd like to be. Your independence sounds important to you and it seems you're hoping your parents will become more lenient now rather than later. Often it helps to have space to vent and share how you're feeling, and it seems you may not have that opportunity to do so. Sometimes going to see a counselor or therapist can be helpful. If that is not an option, we're also here to listen and to help as best as we can. If you would like to talk more and explore some helpful ways to work through your current situation please reach out to us by phone or chat for optimal services.

    We wish you luck and hope to hear from you soon.


    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

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