I'm soon going to be a community college student this fall, I'm saddened I wasn't able to attend a four year college and live in the dorms.
However, I'm very appreciative for being able to extend my education; what I'm afraid of is not being able to fully grasp and do well on my college education because of family issues here at home.
I'm the first to go to college and it's hard finding out how to do things for the first time, especialy with the constant thought of the problems that drag me everyday at home.
My mom verbably puts my sibling and I down and lately has been pushing us away more while blaming us for every distruction that happens at home.
Of course, because I get tired of how she treats us I tend to talk back to her in a way that I believe she'll see how she's making us feel. But she gets even more furious and that frightens me.
Because I'm going to be a full time student at my college, I was advised to not have a full time job or if I can, to not have a job at all.
What I'm asking is if theres a way I can start living independantly with the help of some or any program I might qualify for. I need the answer and resources as soon as possible.