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I'm 16 - I want to move out but I know my parents wont let me.

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  • ccsmod1
    I'm 16 - I want to move out but I know my parents wont let me.

    Thank you for reaching out to us at the National Runaway Safeline. It sounds like you are in a difficult situation, and we understand it takes courage to reach out for help. It sounds like you have been struggling with feeling like you are not able to express yourself at home. That sounds very difficult. The National Runaway Safeline is located in the United States of America (USA). Our knowledge of helpful community based resources and our understanding of youth in crisis related laws is limited to the USA. If you are located in a country outside of the USA, you can use this link to find a youth helpline in or around your country: http://www.childhelplineinternationa...where-we-work/
    We hope that by reaching out to a local resource, you are able to get the support you need from an organization that understands the laws and circumstances that affect youth in your country.

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  • Unregistered
    Guest started a topic I'm 16 - I want to move out but I know my parents wont let me.

    I'm 16 - I want to move out but I know my parents wont let me.

    To clarify, I live in Victoria, Australia (your site doesnt seem to mention being localized so) and I am 16 years old.

    In my family I am not given much expression to be who I am. I don't know how my parents would react to me coming out to them for a start, and we argue a lot. My mother withholds most of my pay from my job to put into a savings account (however she never sat me down and explained why she wanted me to have one and never gave me a choice.
    It's generally not a pleasant place for me. I feel constantly like I am being held back for being who I am and wanting to do what I want to do. This sounds ridiculous - as it is - but I have been told that even if I purchase a certain item with my own money, if they don't approve of it they'll confiscate it.
    Yes, I do understand that to some people this sounds like complaining about having a good life. I am well aware that I am living in a comfortable middle-class household and I attend a private school, and I know about how privileged I am.

    I don't believe that having a middle class life means that I should be held back and be unable to express myself in ways that I want to. It's also ridiculous that I can't use my own money to do things I want to (I can understand that goods and services are expensive and being middle class doesn't mean I can have whatever I want handed to me).

    I'm unaware of how this all works. I can't find a comprehensive list of my rights as an underage individual online ( though I admit I haven't searched too deeply ). I don't know if I can legally leave home, how I would approach my parents about it or if my job could properly cover the cost of living (though I believe it could given free reign of my accounts).
    How would I move my accounts from under my mothers name to my own? How would I get my passport from her? Exactly how am I meant to move out when I know my parents will react like a brick wall to me asking to move out.

    I'm sick of not being able to express myself and I don't know if I can take any more of this. I don't know for sure but I believe there's a chance that this household is affecting me mentally and emotionally in a negative manner...

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