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im 16 and i need to leave but the right way?

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  • ccsmod15
    Re: im 16 and i need to leave but the right way?

    Hello – Thanks for contacting the National Runaway Safeline. It sounds like you’re having a really tough time at home with your mother and her boyfriend. It also sounds like you’ve struggled with drugs as a way to cope. We’re sorry to hear that your home life has gotten that bad and that you’d like to leave. Everyone deserves a safe place to live free from physical, mental and sexual abuse.

    It sounds like you’ve looked into emancipation. You are correct that in most states it requires you to have the means to support yourself and it is not always a realistic option but the Job Corps might be able to help and they can be reached at 1-800-733-5627. Alternatively, with your parents’ permission you might be able to live with a friend or family member or some other arrangement, as long as it’s safe. It sounds like you Mom might be open to that idea. Have you reached out to anyone else how could possibly help? Also, if there is abuse at home, Child Protective Services (CPS) might be able to place you elsewhere.

    Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to. The Alcohol & Drug Helpline can be reached at 1-206-722-3700. And here at NRS, we are always available to talk about your situation, help you come up with options and a safe plan of action. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The number is 1-800-RUNAWAY. Please call anytime.

    Good luck,

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    Guest started a topic im 16 and i need to leave but the right way?

    im 16 and i need to leave but the right way?

    I currently am 16 years old about to go into senior year in two months. Many dont know this about me but pretty much my whole life i have been mentally, and physically abused by my mother.I have an older sister and brother and they dont see it as abuse but they also havent seen all of it. It all basically started in middleschool because basically my whole life iv never done good in school , iv tried but because of my dyslexia I couldnt do well. But anyways I always remember my mom getting so mad at my grades to ever the point she lifted me up and choked me up against the wall . another time she took one of those plastic cabinets and pulled out one of the drawers and started hitting me with it. But moving on from that has been hard for me and I think thats what triggered me to have depression and anxiety . after 8th grade I started dabbling into drugs and alcohol . basically anything to numb my depression but drinking was my favorite until the end of freshman year . I stopped because I ended up becoming an actual alcoholic and literally drinking from 7:20 am to 10pm. Then for a while I would just smoke weed but sophomore summer I started overdosing on oxy. My mom found out and ofcourse blew up . so now I just smoke weed but iv done so many drugs and my mom knows it and I think thats wear causes alot of our problems and I just wanna leave. Her boyfriend molested me and she refuses to believe it even though my siblings do. She dates him behind our back and tries to lie about it like were dumb but were not . I just wanna leave because seeing her constantly reminds myself that she chooses him everyday over me. I cant be in this house anymore she disgusts me . she said i can leave if I want but I want to wait until I have a job or atleast a place to go. Iv been job searching like crazy but I live in a small poverty city so there isn't many jobs here so im having to compete with adults with kids . iv looked into emancipating myself but I still dont have a job . any ideas ?
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