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My mom thinks bad of me and hits me whenever she gets mad.

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  • ccsmod10
    Hello There!

    Thanks for reaching out to the National Runaway . It is a great first step to finding the information and help that you may need. Taking this step often takes much courage, which shows how strong of a person you in doing so. You are so strong for having gone through so much already.

    It sounds like you are considering your options because you are unsafe a home. We are sorry to hear that. No one should be made to feel this way. Home should be a place of love, support, comfort, and safety. You mentioned that you do not want to call anyone to let them know what is going on. Notifying cps does not always mean that you will be taken away. Sometimes it could be a way to get required anger management help for your mother There is not much anyone, including yourself that could control your mother’s behavior. You can only control your own. If your mother is interested in making some changes and is willing to talk about/seek help there are counseling services out there that could possibly help. SAMHSA( Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration) at 1877-726-4727 can help locate some of these services or you can call u at we could search our database of possible counseling services in your city and state. Your well-being and safety is a great concern. By all means, if you do fear for your safety in the future, do not hesitate to take the necessary steps to regain your safety. This may mean calling the police or possibly reporting the things you may be experiencing. You mentioned having friends that you talk to. Do you have any other trusted adults, family members, or teachers that you can turn to for support in keeping you safe? Sometimes having them on your side can help create a sense of comfort or support that will keep you safe.

    You are not alone. We can discuss your options with you if you’d like, as well as answer other questions you may have. We’re confidential and anonymous. We’re also here just to listen, if that’s what you need. If you want more information about cps reporting, what that means, or what that can look like for you, we are here to help guide you throughout that process and report with you, or can also call Child Help at 1800-422-4453 that would be able to connect you to your states reporting agency if that is something that you are comfortable doing.

    Best Wishes,

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    Guest started a topic My mom thinks bad of me and hits me whenever she gets mad.

    My mom thinks bad of me and hits me whenever she gets mad.

    I'm 13, and home is like a living nightmare to me. I got into skateboarding a couple months back to relieve stress and because it's fun, ever since then she constantly claims I'm on drugs (which i've never done in my life) and blames everything on it. She gets angry at me for the littlest things, and does nothing but hit me whenever she's angry at me or my dad. It's starting to get to be too much for me to handle, and I'm starting to fall under depression. I try to stay positive but it's hard when you come home to this house. I got detention yesterday, and instead of just letting me deal with the consequences at school, she grounded me at home, and when I said what she was doing was too far she kept hitting me and we got into a big fight. I didn't hit her back, I pushed her away from me once to get her off me. She threw my skateboard at me, told me "Why are you such a ___? You are the biggest ______ I know, this is why no one likes you. Go up to your room and shut the ___up" I just want her to stop, but I don't want to call anybody for it. I don't want to have to move or go through therapy or anything, I think she just needs help with anger management but she doesn't seem to get it. I don't know what to do, because I have great friends in my town that I can talk to this about and that help me through it. Moving or going into foster care would make it so much worse. I'm really confused on what to do
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