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    I'm 17 years old and i live in Texas. I don't want to live with my father anymore, he has dragged me and my sister around with him for what feels like forever and I'm tired of being caught up and having to deal with issues he has been the cause of. I have had six? Maybe seven mom's at different points in my life. And they have all affected my life one way or another. My last stepmom was especially the worst one, cavorting her daughter over me and my sister and kicking me and my sister out at times only because she didn't like us. We dealt with her for like four or five years and she's finally out of my sisters and Is lives, but that's just an example of dad not really caring about us and just caring more about himself then seeing the mental and emotional abuse being dealt upon us. But now we live with his parents (my grandparents) because he can't keep a job or find us a place to live. I'm not really comfortable living her because my grandfather molested me when I was eleven and there was a lot of court stuff involved eventually and he ended up having nothing done for punishment but that's besides the point. I don't want to live here with dad or with his molester father. Do I have to? Do I have a choice or do I get a say? Like I said above I am only 17 and I don't turn 18 until nine months from now. I had planned on moving out when I turn 18 but it's obvious that that's not going to work out. My dad has real anger issues and he tends to yell if I mess up the littlest thing. Like today for example he asked me to check the fluids in the car and I checked them all but I forgot to check the tranny fluid and when I came outside he checked it and he was like "I don't see why you lie to me" but like he like screamed that at me and slammed the hood shut and walked away from me when I tried to explain myslelf. He just overreacts at everything andhe can't ever talk to me,he has to yell at me over EVERYTHING. But yeah. He has went to anger management classes before but he hasn't in years and it's obvious he needs them. But after some if him overreacting today he wanted me to quit my job since my quote on quote priorities weren't straight.there has been a lot of things that have happened but it would be way too much to type out. Idk what to do. I can't talk to anyone. I can't run away. But I can't live with him any longer he's too much of an awful person. Please help.

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    Hi there, thanks for reaching out today. Sounds like you have really been through it between dealing with your dad's partners and your grandpa. It's understandable that you want out of that environment, especially considering that your grandpa really harmed you. You must be incredibly resilient for going through all of this, and here at NRS we truly want to be a support for you during this difficult time.

    It's not okay that you are having to live in the same house as the family member who molested you. If you haven't already, you do have the right to report what is going on to Child Protective Services (CPS). In cases of sexual abuse, even if it did happen deep in the past, they still take those cases seriously, and it could alarm them that you are living in the same house as him. To learn about your reporting options, you might reach out to the expert child advocates at Child Help 1-800-422-4453. If you ever feel like you need to leave for your safety, but don't have anywhere to go, please call us at 1-800-RUNAWAY. We can look to see if there are any youth shelters near you (typically in Texas they are concentrated in bigger cities).

    Generally speaking, runaway laws are a grey area for 17 year olds in Texas due to the state having contradicting laws. So it is up to your local police with whether or not they would consider you a legal adult at 17. So they may or may not take a runaway report for you if you do leave home without permission. You might try to talk to a local police officer to see if they would take a runaway report for a 17 year old fleeing an abusive situation. If they take a runaway report for you, it's possible that you could be returned home if found by police. If police do get involved we encourage you to try and advocate for yourself and tell them why home is so dangerous and why you cannot go back. If police would not take a runaway report for you, there is no way your dad can force-ably keep you home.

    We hope this information is helpful. Please call or chat us for additional assistance: 1-800-RUNAWAY;


    Please remember you can reach us directly by calling our 24 hour hotline, 1-800-RUNAWAY (786-2929) or through our Live Chat.

    National Runaway Safeline
    [email protected] (Crisis Email)
    1-800-RUNAWAY (24 Hour Hotline)

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